5 To Do’s To Be a Dynamic Diva At Networking Events

Let’s be honest, if you are growing your small business, networking events are a MUST.



Did you ever walk into a networking event with “AGH” on your mind?
Did you ever feel like you were becoming invisible the longer you stayed at an event?
Did your tongue ever take a stubborn hiatus when you needed it most at a networking event?

I’ve been there too AND I’ve gotten myself out of there … not the event but that awkward situation.

The solution is?  Get good at being there. Get comfortable. Become a dynamic DIVA so that you crave going!

So here are 5 To Do’s to be a DYNAMIC DIVA at a networking event:

  1. Choose to be there
  2. Walk In with an “Attitude of Gratitude”
  3. Expand your energy
  4. Return to Sender
  5. Pull Energy


Choose to be there – This choice is important and it happens before you even step into the room. Making the choice requires you to TUNE IN to the energy. Ask yourself, “Does it feel LIGHT to go to this event? Will it be a contribution to my business?”  When you ask these questions you will get an awareness if it is a YES or a NO. If it shows up as a YES then CHOOSE IT FULLY. Let that fear turn into excitement, put your party dress on and GO!

Walk in with an Attitude of Gratitude – This is really important because when you are in an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE you can not be in judgment or fear (two things that can really trip us up at networking events).  Have gratitude for the event. Have gratitude for a night out. Have gratitude for the cool shoes that the woman is wearing next to you.  Have gratitude for anything and everything. This will keep your monkey mind from turning on the self sabotaging scripts that make you want to find the nearest red exit light.

Expand your energy– Many times you may have a sensation that you are invisible or shrinking. You may feel like everyone’s energy is consuming you. When this happens, intentionally expand yourself back out. If it helps imagine you have on a flying squirrel suite. Do you know what they look like when they are catching air? Imagine your energy around your body doing that but make your suit 10x bigger.  The unseen world is very responsive to your intensions!

Return to sender – Chances are you are not feeling just your own discomfort, you are feeling everyones in the room. So get a base line so you only have to work with yours.  Ask the question, “Who does this awkwardness, fear, discomfort (what ever it is for you) belong to?”   Just this question may lighten things up for you. Then you can say to yourself, “Return to sender Consciously”. This helps you not be a sponge for every mood and emotion in the room so you can express more of you. Anyone an empath here? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Pull energy – Pulling energy is a fun way to manage the social energy in the room. It helps to get you noticed.  Simply have the intention to pull energy thru everyone to you. Then trickle a little bit of energy back out. This will begin to get the room’s energy focused in your direction. You may notice that someone “out of the blue” comes to talk to you and then another.  Again the unseen world is quite receptive to our requests. It may seem like the opposite of what I am saying above but this works differently. Experiment and see what you notice. You can always reverse it or expand back out.


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. Robert Frost                                    These To Do’s are not typical. They may be outright strange. They may be the “road less traveled”. However,  they have made all the difference for me.   Go have some fun at your next networking event. View it as an experiment!    These 5 To Do’s WORK!  I know because I use them ALL THE TIME!

Cheers to YOU – You Dynamic Diva YOU!

Curious about more tips and to do’s to be your most Brilliant Self?

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All the best!!





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