Have you ever had your body give you a lot of hints that your pace, lifestyle strategies, work, relationships, points of view and diet are not noting working yet you keep ignoring them?

Are you ignoring your wake up call? wake up call

This weekend I went to urgent care for recurring chest pain and ankle swelling and wound up in the hospital for 24 hours of monitoring and cardiac testing.  While everything turned out negative, I am still left wondering hmm,

“What is my body telling me? ”

What I took from this experience is that I am ignoring some important communication my body is telling me.

Has this ever happened to you ?

Wake up Call

Our bodies are a great feed back loop to give us information to help us wake up to a pattern in our life that is not working for us.

Here are some things I am taking from this wake up call:

  • Slow down – stop trying to fit everything in; ask what is easeful for today’s schedule and what will enliven me and grow my business.  What if you can slow down and still get a ton done. It is getting revved up and moving from stress that is so debilitating to the body and our connection to our inner guidance!
  • Listen – taking time to be quiet and listen to guidance from my body as well as from the universe; this means letting go of my agenda. Time on a yoga matt or a walk around the lake or even a quiet shower can be time to reflect, listen and ask for guidance.  This listening I am finding out is so crucial to my success with my relationships, my body and my business. Sometimes the  guidance does not make logical sense at the time. Would you be willing to follow it anyway if it is light and exciting?  IN time it is fun to see how it all lines up!
  • Sleep – when your body is tired rest and do not over ride it, which causes stress hormones to jump in for energy.  Sometimes you can be picking up on other people’s tiredness. It is important to ask if this tiredness is your body’s or someone else’s.  If you get an awareness that it is your’s- choose sleep.  When you don’t choose sleep when your body is asking for it, the body responds with activating the stress hormones to help you out – cortisol and adrenaline. This is fun for a while but if you live off them it creates inflammation in the body and taxes the bodies systems and you get MORE tired!
  • Let go of my Addiction – I have noticed lately I am addicted to being manic; which comes when I don’t sleep or eat when my body desires. The addiction to mania is fun yet as with all addictions it comes with a price. What am I avoiding?  Most addiction usually comes as a result of ignoring one’s sensitivities and capacities.

I am grateful for this wakeup call. It is helping me get more clear about my body, business and my relationships.  It is also helping me see where my inner guidance is showing up and where I keep ignoring it.

Voice Your Brilliance

This clarity and awareness is crucial for developing the voice and confidence. The voice is intricately connected to your inner guidance and your physical vocal instrument. Fine tuning clarity and awareness always has a positive effect on your ability to trust yourself in front of others and trusting your voice. In fact your confidence level and the quality of your voice can be a feed back loop for you as well, to see if you are paying attention or ignoring your body and inner guidance.

May you go forth and heed the call your body is making and follow that inner guidance to feel great and voice yourself with confidence!!

If you are unclear of what your body is telling you or where your voice and your life is not working for you but you want change, get support!


Voice, Confidence & Change Coach


All the best!