3 Ways To Use Anger To Angle Your Potency

Anger seems to be a lost art! What I mean by that is so many professionals and healers have told us to not be angry. To breath thru your anger. To redirect it. To hit a pillow. However  the energy of anger is immense and it has a lot to offer us!

Today I want to tell you about 3 ways to use anger to angle your potency.

That means, yes you can get mad! You can yell.  You can have your feelings….And what would it take to have awareness around it.  Conscious anger is potent as heaven and hell together- because actually it is both. There is great awareness in Anger – that awareness is part of the divine, source energy. And there is great suffering in Anger – part of that hell realm we know very well because we have disconnected our thoughts and beliefs away from source energy- the source of all suffering.

So next time you get angry see if you can do these 3 things and use your anger to increase your potency and brilliance!!

1- Ask What is this?

2- What am I making important here?

3- Who am I being right now?


Each of these questions will give you information. Important information to bring subconscious belief systems to the surface so you can begin to access and change them.  The anger is the portal to more awareness.  What would it take to have appreciation for your anger?

Just yesterday I used these questions and it is changing our whole family dynamics.

I came up from my Reiki and Yoga Practice all happy and peaceful and was triggered by my son’s resistance to helping out with the house. I eventually got mad- really mad. It was such a contrast from where I just came from. I asked “what is this”  and “what am I making important here?” These questions were able  to lead me to some pretty deep beliefs I was running about my children.  This good information gave me a whole new approach to parenting and to staying in alignment with my own happiness.  Our happiness is our true nature! Our deepest brilliance we can offer people.

Stay aligned with your happiness and you are one potent force!

So don’t push that anger away. Use it to angle your potency, to become more aware, to increase your consciousness, and to create new beliefs to deliberately create your life with!


All the best!




What Would it Take to Be Your Favorite Person?

I asked my self this Question today:

What would it take to be my favorite person?

It’s quite remarkable how a little question can open up a reservoir of awareness! I did not begin to have  a list of bullet points to write down, but rather it began to inform my behavior, my presence and my mindfulness.

I am in the business of being the best version of myself and I like to help people see the best version of themselves too thru songs and coaching. What I really love to see is when these best versions show up and are invited and consciously chosen, the self expression and the voice that is created is phenomenal!

And guess what?   When you become the best version of you, you become your favorite person.  Wow, what a really cool feeling!

Are you your favorite person?  If the answer is “no” then play with this question for a week: What would it take to be my favorite person? See what unfolds, shows up and becomes alive inside of you.  See what begins to get pruned. See what gets highlighted.  See what awakens in your voice.

Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  By becoming your favorite person, you get to be that change. you get to be seen and heard as an agent of change and consciousness in the world. What if transformation isn’t complex. What if it’s as simple as a question and an awareness? What if accessing your voice and expressing the best version of you begins with a question and a choice to implement it.  Start there and watch your brilliance unfold.

I would love to hear about your journey in the comments below!

If any other great questions come up would you be willing to share them with us! ?


All the best!


6 Steps For Moms To Release Guilt!

Motherhood can be challenging enough without being plagued by guilt.

Do you feel guilty for wanting to spend time with girlfriends or wanting to travel without your children? Do you feel guilty for working too much or too little? Are you feeling guilty for yelling at your children? Do you feel guilty for going to a yoga class instead of your kid’s ballgame or concert?  Take a minute and become aware of what happens in your body when you are in the energy of guilt?  Are you empowered or do you feel defeated?

Guilt distracts us from our greatness as moms, as change agents, as dreamers, as business women and as lovers. Are you ready to let it go? These 6 steps below can help you find where guilt is draining you of energy.

If you have a strict belief system of what makes a good mother that is challenging to live by, then each time you live outside of those beliefs guilt will strike. The contraction of guilt in your body actually blocks your energy.   A lot of times these old beliefs have come from past messaging from how you were parented. Sometimes beliefs come from messaging through media and books. Where ever they came from, if you are feeling guilty as a mom most likely you are exhausted.  It is time to update the system so your life works for you.


6 Steps for moms to release guilt! mom core belief access your voice

 1)   Become aware of when you feel guilty. Name some scenarios.

  2)  Notice what thoughts are associated with your emotion of guilt.

 3)  Name 3 core beliefs you have around motherhood.  For example, “A good mother makes homemade food.”

 4)  Are your core beliefs still true for you?  Do you want to edit and update them?

5) Write 3 new core beliefs that give you the freedom to be you in your life with your children.

 6) Now read them everyday until they feel real and true to you.

You may notice that after you do this exercise you may have more physical energy. You may feel lighter in your attitude and mood. You could even notice a more fluid voice and your dreams may take flight again. Removing a guilty conscience removes a negative block from your energy body so your life force energy can move freely again. A guilty conscience is only present when you can’t live up to the judgments you have placed on yourself.

Using Reiki to eliminate guilt

Sometimes our programming runs deep. Belief systems can run through generations of mothers. If the 6 steps above are challenging for you or you have done them and you still feel guilty, then perhaps Reiki can help.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique. It is done by yourself in a personal practice or by a Reiki practitioner to you.  Who ever is doing the Reiki has received the Reiki energy from a Master Teacher. Receiving Reiki helps one reset subconscious conditioning that may not be shifting from mental or conscious efforts. Reiki assists in getting your lifeforce energy flowing fluidly again. It helps one let go of negative personality traits and negative emotional reactions. Letting go of self judgment and growing in compassion and patience are also attributes that many people have experienced with Reiki.

As a mother there is a lot of pressure to get it right especially in this modern culture of social media. We are subjected to a lot of people witnessing and judging what we do and say.  Perhaps the deepest relief we can find is from releasing our self judgement,  forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally. Maybe these are the only parenting skills we require.





Vocal awareness For Easeful Parenting.

Vocal awareness equals more ease with parenting?


Vocal Awareness is being aware of what is happening with your voice at any given time of the day. There is information in the volume, the tone, the pitch and the quality of your voice that you can use to make some choices that will support you in your parenting.

Are you showing up for your children? 

Are you being present with them?

Are you getting the results from your children that work for you in your home?

Are you totally resourced and aligned with your true self while communicating with them? 

This is all in your voice and you can begin to listen to your voice with ears and awareness that will help you take a step back and ask questions like, “What is this? Who am I being? Is this working? ” 

When you can take a step back to ask these questions you will begin to become more aware of what is going on for you. For example, maybe you are asking your boys to clean up their dishes.  Notice the tone you are using. Are they hearing your?  Do you have overwhelm in your voice? Is your voice monotone? Is it loud? Does it have a nagging tone to it?  Is it working? Are your boys responding?

By becoming aware of where you are and what tone you are using, you open your self up to making a conscious choice of where to speak from.  If you notice that you have overwhelm in your voice and your boys are not responding, (because  really who wants to get near someone in over whelm) you then can tune in to you,  expand your energy by taking a deep breath and use a tone that would work better.

Our tone of voice can let us know if we are tired, annoyed, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, bored, mad etc. The cool part about becoming aware of your voice is that you can then consciously pick a tone that will work for the situation but not make vital the feeling behind it.

For example, many boys respond more ease fully to a stern louder voice. What if you could be that potency with out feeling stern? It is just an aware choice. Most parenting experts agree that if you can be stern with out being invested in an emotion behind it, the children will see a more emotionally regulated adult and learn emotional health as a result.

As a parent your voice is powerful and it is that much more powerful if you become aware of what your voice is really saying and make conscious choices about how to use it.

Bottom line:  Vocal Awareness really does equal easeful parenting!