Happy and Singing

I am in the process of beginning to write a book! Since the topic of the book is my journey to finding my voice, each time I reflect to write a page I am reminded of all that I have gone thru to get to today. I am also reminded that I have not always been ” happy and singing”. The road to happy and the road to singing for me has come hand in hand. What I have discovered is that when I am contracted in my life, I am contracted in my singing. The cool thing about this is that I have a really apparent barometer for how life is going for me!

Just this morning I was driving my son to school. It was a frustrating morning and I literally had to drag my seven year old out of bed. With clogged sinuses and letting the events of the morning get to me, I began the drive to school. My normal practice is to sing on the way thereby practicing the songs I am working on and saving time in my day. However, when I tried to sing it was tight and hoarse. Shoot, I thought to my self, I have to perform the next 3 nights. We got to school and I proceeded to complain to the first person who asked how I was. Not a pretty start to the day. I dragged myself home and did a 10 min workout, got my thoughts in line with some inspirational sites, and got creative by making some valentines. I found my expanded self and my happy me! Low and behold, as I was driving back to school to volunteer two hours later, I began to sing and my voice was free and clear !

I guess thru the years I have gotten better at not making a bad hour into a bad day and a bad day into a bad week. As a result I find myself happier and singing more. It is pretty amazing to look back and acknowledge the success I have made in the road to happiness and I am very thrilled the extra gift was freedom in singing. What Gifts has your happiness given you and what cool barometer does your life have?

Valentine’s Update

Hi !

      Well a few weeks ago i  i had a show at a new place for me, “Jax Asian Grill” in Brighton.
I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the kind community. I’m happy to say they
asked me to come back next month!
      I have also been playing with the kiddos at Running River
school. We have been exploring percussion and harmony; its been a blast!
     Finally, i have joined the One Achord Choir at Columbine Unity Church in Lafayette.
A few week ago we had Gospel/blue grass Sunday. It was so much fun! I’ll be posting the video
of ” Keep on the Sunny Side ” with the choir behind me on my facebook page. So music is alive and
well this new year. I’d love to see you at one of the upcoming shows!
In honor of Valentines Day my  new CDs are on sale for $10 till the 19th
so jump on it I’d love to send you one.!
Friday March 8th
Bittersweet Cafe, Downtown Louisville

Friday March 15
Jax Asian Grill, the Pavilion, Brighton 

See you soon 
smiles on your day! 

Blog #6;WHole Singing: Make your life a Musical

In the past few weeks we talked about getting back to the deepest part of ourselves. We talked about coming back to a playful way to live life and sing and we talked about some exercises to get you there.  Today I want to talk a little about what calls you to sing.

This day in age we seem to want a magic pill, class or lesson to “learn” to do everything.  Maybe to sing, all we need is ourselves.  Throughout time, people have sung in celebration because it felt good.  They have sung when they have been frustrated and looking for solution because it felt good.  They sang to God in troubled times because it gave them hope and it felt good.  Do you sing because it feels good?

Today I am going to ask you to sing your day thru.  Sing when you are happy.  Sing when you’re mad.  Sing when you’re frustrated.  Most people I talk to say they like to sing, but they only sing in their shower or alone in their car.  If you feel called to sing, make your life a musical.  Sing while making dinner, while cleaning, while walking down the hall, etc.

Oh yeah, what will people think?  Hmmm.  There is a quote from the character Phil on Modern Family: “the minute I stopped caring what others thought was the minute I started having fun.”  This has been very true in my life.  If you would like to become a better singer, then you have to sing more often and let go of what the peanut gallery thinks.

Freedom awaits you with every song you sing.  Freedom in singing and freedom in your life.

So this week go make your life a musical!

Self talk – what Flavor are you choosing (BLOG SERIES #2)

The conversation you have with yourself in your own head is extremely important. Just like Baskin Robins ice cream, there are many flavors we can choose to talk to ourselves in. Start to tune in to see what flavor you are choosing each day. While your driving to work, while your doing laundry or cooking; while you are on a run or working out or while you are bathing your children etc. Thoughts are constantly coming to our minds. When we deliberately tune in and take a conscious peak of what “self talk” we are engaging in and what flavor we are doing it in, we are developing a side of ourselves called the “witness”. When our witness becomes strong then we are able to make choices that serve our lives better and empower us to do things we have always wanted to do …like SINGING! Some self talk that we may start to notice does nothing to build us up. In fact, we may start to notice that we are our biggest rival rather then our biggest cheerleader! These negative habits or “flavors ” of talking to ourselves create a domino effect that go from the mind to the physical body, causing contraction around expressing ourselves freely. When self talk is habitually negative we develop beliefs about our selves and our environment that trap us in a safe box. This box is our contracted body and mind that are doing its best to SURVIVE… However, we may be at a moment in our lives that we want more out of life then simply surviving. We want to THRIVE! WE WANT TO SING ! So the next step to WHOLE SINGING I have found in my personal journey, is to develop a witness. Begin with noticing or maybe even journaling each day what “self talk” you witness and what “flavor” you are noticing. Just bringing an awareness to your thoughts can start to ease the contraction ( tightness & fear ) in your body and your mind. Once you have gotten good at witnessing or noticing your thoughts then you can start infusing a more positive flavor. When you lesson the physical and mental contraction in your body and your mind thru allowing more positive self thoughts, habits and perceptions then you are on the road to freer singing! …..NEXT TIME WE’LL TALK ABOUT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH MUSIC

“Brave enough not to care”

Today I was reminded of lyrics from ” Rosalie”, one of the songs on my new CD.  I received a call from a friend distraught about a family encounter.  As we got into our phone call I remembered the words, “….brave enough not to care”.  Singing part of the song to him, I realize that this takes tremendous trust, detachment and courage.

When we are hooked into a very familiar negative pattern of “caring ” for our family, which includes giving our advise when it hasn’t been asked for, we are blinded by our habitual nature and believe we are helping when in fact we are sabotaging our own joy and disempowering and angering the other.  While it is hard to break old habits and beliefs, it’s worth it to start to see, really see, and then to let go of being hooked in.  In essence, we must become brave enough not to care, trusting the flow of other people’s lives, allowing the relationships they are experiencing and releasing the control we want to have.  In doing this, I think it will free up a lot of energy for our own self-care and joy, and as a result we are available to really be there when someone is actually asking for help.

Just a thought from my always-thinking mind… “Rosalie” can be heard on Reverbnation or Cd baby, or here at https://rebeccaabraxas.com/?page_id=35.

going with the flow

There is a time in our lives when we have to assess, what’s working and what’s not. For me it became very clear recently. I am lucky b/c I have a great barometer: my children. It became very clear this summer that something was not working when my children were out of sorts and being difficult and having tantrums (even at 8). So …. time to slow down and go with the flow. Since i have slowed down and switched my priorities I have found that life is less stressful and I have time for the little things that make life rich, such as a pool day with my kids or finding the time to decorate the way i want or even really to stop and smell a rose …really. So lately when i take something on, i feel into my body, and ask the question “does this feel stressful in my body, does it feel flowing in my body or does my body tighten up ” This has been an amazing realization to me tuning into the somatic response of my body to see if i am ‘going with the flow ‘ or if i am going against the current. This realization has also helped me put into perspective where i am with my music career, how i am mothering, how i am showing up as a wife and how i am tending to myself. Are you going with the flow …. have fun tuning in and feeling the difference between your body liking an idea of action or not liking it … it has really turned my life around (along with meditating every morning for 20min) …. happy August