What happens to us before we feel emotions?

What if we could be aware of the energy before emotions, before the definition or thought?

Don’t get me wrong emotions have their place and being in them and being present with them can bring an aliveness to life. They also give us information about our mind, body and spiritual journey.

But what is before that?

There is a map of of our human experience in the yogic tradition called the THE 5 KOSHAS. They are The Bliss Body, The Wisdom Body, The Emotional/Mental Body, The Energy Body and the Physical Body.  All these “Bodies” are ways we experience life in our embodiment. One way to work with the Koshas is to use it as an information system – kind of like the game “Telephone”.

When our awareness and perspective have turned away from The Bliss Body it whispers up the line until we hear the message.  The final message is heard through the body and the body in its wisdom gives us the ‘Ring a ling’  through tension, dis ease etc.

Our Emotions are in the middle of that telephone game.  Emotions are one way that the Bliss Body tries to get our attention.

The Wisdom Body is in line before the emotions.   What if we fine tuned our awareness and heard the message from the Bliss Body straight from our intuition before it got brought up by the emotions?

Could this save us time processing feelings?  Could it create more ease in our relationships? Could it enrich  our lives with more time in the flow with The Bliss Body? Could it make using our voice more easeful? Could it make for stress free living? Could it assist us in feeling better and happier?

“Ignorance of the truth of oneness is the source of all other forms of dis-ease…”  Chapter 2, Pantanjali’s  Yoga Sutras, Sutra 4

Just this weekend I went on a hike to process some emotions and feelings I was having in response to a disagreement I had with my husband.

I spend most of my hike being present with my emotions and asking, “what could I have done differently ?”

I noticed today the question came up, “What energy did you perceive before you interacted with your husband?”

OH!!  YES!

Tuning into the call of our wisdom and intuition requires a deeper state of listening but once it’s practiced it’s as subtle as a wood chip  in your eye!

At first you may notice that you become aware of the energy before the encounter that created an emotion after the fact. That’s awesome!  In the study of       A COARSE IN MIRACLE  this moment of acknowledgement is called “the Miracle”. Once you get good at noticing the energy afterward (whether it is a year, a week, or an hour)  you will transition into noticing the energy before the emotional warning happens.

AND It’s a continual life practice.

This wisdom/intuition body is letting you know the energy is different then the Bliss Body energy … its saying, ‘Excuse me you are leaving the land of connection, joy and ease and about to hurl yourself into some lower frequency experience”

The wisdom/intuition body has now done its job,you’ve been warned and you now have free will and choice to proceed.    If you choose to go further into leaving the land of freedom you enter into the realm of thinking and emotions and they will be your guide.

I’ve noticed that my Reiki and  soul singing practice can help me  tune into this wisdom/intuition body through deep listening.   These practices assist me in getting the distractions out of the way and noticing which choice is heavy and which is light.

Typically I’ve noticed that being in a state of responding rather then reacting to the energy (which for me requires me to slow down)  allows me to hear my wisdom/intuition and to make choices to keep my perspective of oneness intact.

So what happened this weekend with my husband?

As I was coming up from my Reiki meditation and singing practice a past reality hit me in the face.

You know how we  can hold on to things in a relationship instead of letting the relationship be new each day?  That’s what I did. Instead of hearing my wisdom /intuition say “you’ve left the present moment ” the voice of  “He always does this and that and why and how come and …. ”  was louder and I chose to go there.

My emotions instantly showed up to show me even louder that I have left the present moment and that’s when I got it… I put my hands up in the air and told my family I was going for a hike.

IN that moment I chose to connect back to the lightness and it required stepping away and getting perspective.  A lot of times in the past I would have stayed there in my thoughts and emotions and brought up more and more stuff from the past continuing for a couple hours to untangle everything.  That’s a way. But getting space and perspective, getting present,  and singing with the birds, I have to say, served me much better this weekend!

So what is before emotions?  Your wisdom, your intuition and your bliss is before your emotions. You don’t have to wait anymore for your emotions to tell you how you are doing. You can tune into the voice of your intuition to let you know where you are!

Try it for 30 days.

Slow down

Take time to listen to that subtle inner voice

What is the sound you hear in the silence between the words

Respond instead of react

Choose what is Light.

I know I talked about a lot of things here today. If you have any questions lets keep this conversation going in the comments below.