Your life is about to take off in a direction of your dreams, you are about to express this all to family and friends and all of a sudden a self sabotaging inner voice comes in creating an avalanche of doubt.     We have all been there.  Haven’t we?

This is especially not fun when there happens to be a large audience in front of you!

Getting free from self sabotage has been a life mission of mine and for the most part my mission has been accomplished.

What I’ve noticed about self sabotage is that it sneaks up on you and it’s like back ground music that you forget is there until something triggers the volume up?

What I’ve also noticed about self sabotage is its voice sounds a lot like a family member from the past!

Ultimately, it would be nice for the self sabotage voice to just ‘poof’ disappear, and I will let you know how to do that at the end of the article.

However, until that happens here are a few things to notice

for getting free from self sabotage on your own: 

1.Become aware of what triggers the Self Sabotage

See if you can become a curious detective and step a bit outside yourself.  Notice what is going on when Self Sabotage comes up.  Is it around certain people?  Do crowds bring it up?   Big audiences?  Does it happen when you are not resourced with good nutrition and sleep?    By keying into what brings it up you get some information about what you have made significant and important in your life and you get to take a look to see if this is really true any more or if it is an outdated need, judgment and /or belief that is not a contribution anymore.

2. Ask, Who’s voice is this anyway

A lot of times the self sabotage voice sounds like a parent, or teacher or relative who you were around a lot when you were young.  For whatever reason you adopted as your voice. The cool part about this is once you are privy to this you get to choose something different.   When you notice your mind is sounding  a lot like Auntie Helga, be aware of it then you can say to yourself, “Return this to sender” . Your awareness, intention and your action are really powerful.  I’m curious if you said “return to sender” to your voice of self sabotage every day for a month what would unfold.

3. Pick a better feeling thought 

A self sabotage is a thought. You always have the choice to pick a better feeling thought. So if  “I’m just not good enough” comes up, reach for another thought like, “I have done this and this and this, wow, I have a lot of experience behind me, I’m awesome”.

4. Expand

The easiest thing to do with self sabotage is to just blow it up. Really expand the energy of the though out really far until it is not there any more. Feel the brilliance of YOU expand too all around you and be that infinite space of being you are while sending the sabotage out to space.

These 4 things can help you in the moment kind of like CPR.  However getting free from self sabotage can have its roots and seeds deep in the soil of your life. What I use to detox the seeds and roots of  self sabotage is Holy Fire Reiki (a new form of reiki that provides deep purification, healing, empowerment and guidance).

This modality can go deep into the energetic patterns and release the blocks you may be experiencing to enjoying your most brilliant you and expressing your voice fully.   Energy of judgments and negative beliefs and other people’s judgments and negative beliefs is held in the tissue of the brain and body. Keeping self sabotage well and alive in your reality.  Energetic tools can go in and balance you out, release the old energy and get things flowing in your favor.   The result –  More trust in yourself, confidence, a sense of peace, vitality, courage, patience, optimism, joy, enthusiasm and allowance for you and others.

Self sabotage can truly stop you from living your life on your terms and keep you from expressing fulling.  You are here to be YOU, to offer your brilliance to the word. You can make the shift to do just that !!

What ever you choose you are on your road to getting free from self sabotage starting TODAY!

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I’m happy to stay in a conversation with you!