Hate and blame can empower us from feeing powerless hopeless and scared.  But once we how do we eventually keep moving past that to feeling even better?

Below are 3 practice to abolish hate.

How are you doing?

Does your voice feeling stuck?

Do you feel it coming out in reactivity with all that is happening in our country?

Does it feel NOT SAFE to use your voice right now?

Ugh there is so much energy of HATE  being seen in our country and in our world.

But the cool part is IT IS BEING SEEN and  NOW MORE THEN EVER your voice is required!

No longer is the hate being hidden.

While I know it can be super uncomfortable to see it being acted out in such awful acts, please know that The vibration of love and wellbeing really do abound and you can cultivate that even more by working with the vibration of hate that may be lingering in your own system and voice.

I have seen on social media the reaction to the incident in Virginia.  The hate groups are being reacted to with hate.

Let this voice of hate toward hate groups be a stepping stone toward  higher frequencies instead of getting stuck in the hate.

The frequency of hate is hate regardless of what side you are on.   Hating haters is still putting the frequency of hate into the world.

Your voice, the quality of your voice and your willingness to use it regardless of judgment is an indicator of if you are open to the love vibe or contracting its flow.

Freedom with your voice is a direct link to what you are living with in your internal environment.

Your personal practice can give the collective energy something else to create from.

In the video below here are 3 practices to clean up any stuck hate frequencies in your internal environment to being to shift your external environment.   This is how we be the change the world is asking for.

The world is asking for unconditional love …. many of us have not been taught this concept …

Would you be willing to use your voice, expression and being to re-educate the world on unconditional love

Michael Franti’s new song says:

“IF we can teach people to hate, then we can teach people to love” 

There is hope. You can be at the forefront to abolish hate!

Are you willing to be the voice of that hope …
Would you be willing to free your voice and be the change the world is asking for in all the avenues of your life- work, business, parenting, volunteering, friendships, social media, neighbors….

There are so many communities to SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

HERE  are 3 practices I use to abolish hate and come back to love to feel confident with sharing my light: