Today I’ve noticed everyone enjoy the solar eclipse.  Me?  I was in bed all day with dizziness, a headache and groggy voice.

A lot of people have suggested it may be the energy of the eclipse.

While this could be true to an extent, I’ve noticed my voice and my body giving me clues that something is up for some months now.  Maybe the eclipse has exacerbated the symptoms?  I’m not sure.

After doing several forms of energy work- a lot- for a while now, I’m getting the information that something physical is wanting to change. Energy work doesn’t always clear things up …sometimes things get more intense so you become aware of something greater that requires attention.

This time I am going for a change in my diet and a change in my attitude around my diet .

I’m going gluten free again…not only that, I am going dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free, grain free, alcohol free, bean free, fruit free and processed food free

So literally it feels anything but …. FREE

Once again the quality of my voice has given me some information about what my body is asking for.

When I am on stage or in a sound healing session and my voice gets all groggy on me it’s time to ask some questions.

This time my headache and groggy voice was accompanied by pressure in my head and ear pain.

The congestion, pain and pressure is not clearing  so I’m choosing to see what happens with this diet switch.

AND  I am making sure I have a cheerful and positive attitude about it.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE  is my attitude will make or break whether I can pull this off.

Feeling like I am missing out or that I am a victim on this diet is NO FUN … been there done that.

This is going to be a new exciting adventure.

I’m excited to try some new recipes AND really excited to feel better and be able to trust my voice again!

So does anyone have some fun recipes for an EVERYTHING FREE DIET LOL?

Here is a gluten free/ vegan bread I can’t wait to try!!

If you have any inquires about what your voice may be telling you let’s hear it !

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