Today I skipped my usual Reiki practice due to time restraints and I noticed an overwhelm take me over.  (after doing reiki practice every morning for a long time, the absence of it is soooooooo visceral I think I will find the time no matter what LOL )

OMG it totally took my voice.  When I tried to talk to my husband I was rushing, skipping words and impatient, UGH!

Where was I?

Long story short I found myself in the shower going over all the things I ‘needed’ to get done, when all of a sudden I became aware of a question that totally disarmed the overwhelm and aligned me with ME.

The power of a question continually amazes me!   It totally opens up awareness that was in a closed box. It’s like the lid flies open and there it is right in front of me!

Today’s question: What would I do today if I was leaving my body tomorrow?

This simple question that came out of the blue totally redirected my whole day, my tone of my voice AND my patience level.  IT made the overwhelm DISAPPEAR!

Claim your voice back from overwhelm! Here’s the story: