I’ve noticed in the social media and marketing arenas we are asked to compare ourselves a lot to the person next to us who may be doing “better ” or “worse” then us. Comparing promotes an unhealthy type of Competition that promotes separation rather then inclusion.

Are you a voice of competition or a voice of inclusion?

I belong to a networking group called Daring Diva’s. I love this group for it’s non competitive nature.  The creator  Jesse May has a strong policy of inclusion.

I wholeheartedly agree with this approach!

While other networking groups boast that there is only one of each profession allowed in the group, Daring Diva’s  says everyone is welcome.

I believe this sets up an environment of creativity, possibility and choice. It also caters to the values of trust, confidence and individuality.

A voice of competition is one that is not sure if they can stand out and make their mark in the world. It breeds fear and lack. It breeds the point of view that someone is the best and the others are not good enough.

While this may be fine in a sports competition, when it comes to counseling, coaching, public speaking, performing, healing work, doctors and art, the voice of competition in my point of view is a detriment to connecting with clients/audiences, decreases creativity and authenticity and runs a thread of fear and anxiety in the voice of your creation.

I have spent many years on stage with my voice of competition and it is a place I do not want to live from anymore.

So many times I have gotten up to perform in a song writers in the round show after a great performance was just given by another woman and felt inauthentic.  I would either shrink in not good enough and play lousy or puff up and try to give them something better.   I’m not proud to admit this, but I do feel good that this is not the reality I live anymore.

The way I see it is that someone could be giving the same exact song or script to say and it would sound different and attract a different audience all the time!

You can see this really clearly when someone sings a cover song or kareoke…..  Same song but very different!   And people will be attracted to the style they prefer.

We are not a one size fits all world.  We thrive on choice. My god have you ever seen the cereal isle or a record store?

So why would we ever think that we could be the best coach, performer, artist or  healer?


There is only an expression of creativity and uniqueness that fits each different person.

Someone’s YES, is someone else’s NO. Someone’s hell no is someone’s hell yes! 

So what would it take to be all of you in the field voicing your creativity and business? What would it take to be a voice of inclusion? What would it take to see others doing the same thing as you and say to yourself, “This is awesome, the world must really require this work!”

What would it take to be like Jesse May and say, ‘All are welcome hear?”   and not be in the fear and lack mentality of “IF I don’t compete and control the voice of my competition I won’t get enough clients?”

How to cultivate a voice of inclusion:

  • Appreciate peoples creations that are like yours; Comment on their social media and say awesome job!
  • Have gratitude that there are a lot of the same thing out there, says the world is ready for this!
  • Practicing voicing your own story in your creation, people love hearing stories of where you came from -it is unique to you
  • Trust yourself and the universe that your uniqueness and the filters you run your creation through is enough and has the perfect audience

Your Voice Matters… Your voice gives people choice of who they feel called to listen to, work with and be inspired by.

Would you be willing to be the voice of inclusion to give people the choice of who is the connection that will make all the difference for them?

Curious about how to build more confidence and trust in the message you want to give? Curious about how to find the source of your voice of inclusion?  Curious about voicing your uniqueness?,  I invite you to try out a 3 pack of Holistic Voice Coaching, in person or via phone.

All the best,