To claim your voice many times it looks like stepping up on a pedestal and roaring.

THIS ….is claiming the stage NOT claiming your voice.

To claim your voice you must claim Your Self.

Living small

When I was a little girl I was really shy and very empathic.  I held a lot of heavy energy. Before I knew what to do with it, I thought it was mine. I thought I was destined to live a life of headaches, shyness, and smallness. Yet inside I felt the energy of a superhero.  I would go to bed very early, avoid crowds, and keep my surroundings very neat to handle the energy.

All this started to create an identity for me and friends and family would giggle at my rigid personality. Others would admire it.  Me? I was just trying to survive.  Yet within all this surviving, I loved to sing and I loved to play my flute.  I would sit in a hammock for hours just singing with my twin sister until the sun went down and we were called back inside.

Claiming myself

Whenever I sang, I felt I got to be with ME, the real me, not the fabricated one that had to do weird personality things to survive. When I sang on my own outside, I was claiming ME, I was remembering me.  It always felt so good. But it wasn’t enough yet to let my big superhero self out quite yet.  So I stayed shy and tucked in my safe personality.

For years this went on.  As a teenager anxiety set in. At times it was debilitating and painful.   Around my sophomore year of high school, I could not stand being in my tight little bud anymore.   I remember making a choice to try out for the school chorus.  Everyone was shocked at how well and loud I sang including the principal.   I made the choir and it was this moment in time I was able to very slowly unravel and shed some of the dense energy that was holding me down.  I claimed myself and in doing so I chose to claim my voice.

Singing Saved MY Life

I didn’t realize at the time but now I can see, singing saved my life.   You see singing helps you move energy.  The vibration of your voice is sound healing for your body, mind and spirit.   By the time I was in my early twenties and finished with my Bachelor’s of Science degree, which almost killed me from the stress, I did a 180 and sang with my guitar every day. I started writing songs and I started to feel more like ME.   I literally could feel myself lightening up.  That dense energy was starting to go away, finally.

What I know now as an energy worker is that denseness can cause dangerous symptoms and disease processes in the body if not worked with.   My inner being guided me to sing more and more, and as I sang I became more aware of my true nature, of what worked for me and what didn’t. I also became aware of the difference between what energy is mine and what was someone else’s. Meaning, I learned what it was to be an empath and I eventually learned how to not be the victim of all the dense energy.


Are you an Empath having a hard time?

This time in history can be hard for empaths right now. There is a lot of polarized dense energy on the planet, paradigms are shifting and new structures are going to be developed.  It can be REALLY hard for folks who are empathic but don’t know it. Also, it can be equally as hard for empaths who know they are sensitive but do not know how to work with the energy that is magnetizing to them.

When an empath is carrying dense energy that is not theirs they can experience a wide variety of symptoms and sometimes feel a little crazy.  You can feel tired, moody for no reason, anxious, and guarded.  Other things you can experience are body pain, overwhelm, chest pain, headaches, and dizziness.  It is rough. Are you an empath having a hard time right now?


The exciting part of being an Empath

Being an empath is you awakening to your awareness.  It really is an exciting time but there are some things that can make this way easier.  First off, claim Yourself, then claim your voice.  When you are familiar with who you are then you KNOW what isn’t you and this is key to feeling better. The more you sing in a space of openness and no judgment, the more you feel the flow of your authentic self.

Allow it, meet it, and let it consume you!   Filling your self up with the vibration of YOU, gives the other dense frequencies from your past and from others a back seat.   The law of attraction is at play here. The more you focus on the frequency of your authentic present self the more the universe gives you that match.   So as you grow your awareness you begin to sense what vibration is running the day. From there you have possibilities and lots of choices.

Singing led me to a lot of different modalities to raise my vibration and release old programming and old frequencies.  I was led to study the Course in Miracles, then study Yoga, Law of Attraction, Access Consciousness, and Holy Fire Reiki. Now I am being led to another path by the awareness my voice has given me. It really has been a wild ride!


The path of Vocal Awareness

Vocal awareness is the awareness my voice gives me when I am singing. My voice gives me awareness about my body, mind, and spiritual connection. By claiming my self and my voice so long ago it has let me claim myself so much more deeply to the seed of my existence in the Universe. One of the things I love to offer folks is a session called Vocal Reflection Therapy.  This is a guided vocal awareness session where I assist the client in seeing and knowing what their voice is telling them.   It is a fascinating practice and completely experiential. While you claim your voice you also are claiming your awareness.

Claim your voice

I believe in this Vocal Awareness process so much that I will be creating a comprehensive online program that outlines my whole body, mind, and spiritual journey with my voice. I feel it is a valuable journey worth sharing for awakening and remembering one’s true greatness.

If you are on my email list you will get the information on when I launch the program and the early bird special.  If you are not on my email list and you would like to know about the early bird special and when the launch is of this program, be sure to subscribe to my list.  There is a sweet quiz you will get for FREE when you sign up that tells you what your voice is telling you and how to proceed with your personal growth journey.



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