It seems funny but singing was my biggest tool to get FREE.

I guess I should discuss what I mean by being free.

To me being free means being able to be yourself, using your voice and expressing yourself in any situation with ease.

I was super shy as a little girl, yet singing was always something that I wanted to do. Not only did I want to sing when I was alone, for some mysterious reason I really wanted to share my singing with others.

One day in my teens I plunged into the world of singing and never went back and OMG what a journey of discovery, personal growth and joy it has been!

Through the years I have met so many people –  professionals, mothers, athletes, artists  etc  who do not like their voice, think they are tone deaf and don’t want to share their singing voice.

Do you think these self judgements are limiting only their singing voice? 

It is my perspective that if you have that type of judgement and limitation with your singing voice it is spilling over into other areas of your life too.

To get free, I got over my stage fright and built confidence and trust in sharing my singing voice.  This actually helped me release the fear of expressing myself in any situation.   And wow,   living with out holding myself back feels really good!!

The awareness I got about myself, my outdated life strategies, my limitations and  my self judgment was profound. This is what I call vocal awareness. So much can be uncovered by going to the edge singing brings you to.

Would you be willing to go to that edge?

I wanted to introduce a program I am starting at the end of January for 6 weeks:

Sing YourSelf FREE

Singing brings up so much. Lets meet all of it with curiosity, compassion and confidence. This is an opportunity to  free yourself from limiting distractions, undermining past stories and confining judgments.  We will journey with singing to open more of your brilliance to shine in every area of your life!

Build confidence, Trust yourself with being seen and heard, get comfortable expressing yourself with singing, feel more free and joyful in your life.

Who’s with me?

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