Last week we talked about speaking the truth not the story …


What if the story without the truth keeps you limited and in fear?

Today  I want to talk about walking past fear.

Last week I literally did just that!

Hiking past my fear

I was hiking in NCAR in Boulder co. by my self. I was going deeper and deeper into the hike and seeing fewer and fewer people. I came to a cross road to go higher and deeper. My fear set in.  There it was. Was this protecting me?  Was this a sign to not go any further? or was this a past story of my fear playing with me?

Really all it took was to ask these questions to get clear.   It was a past story of fear playing with me.

I realized at that moment what was holding me back was my lack of trust and value in myself.  If I had those two things I would trust my self with any thing that arose past the cross road.

I called in Holy Fire Reiki, expanded my fear out, took a breath and started walking higher and deeper knowing that I can trust life.

And all turned out ok .. .actually more then ok – beautiful.

Where does fear show up for you?

Hiking on a trail alone in the woods, walking down a  dark street alone or driving on an icy mountain, these are some of my biggest fears. What are yours?

According to studies, public speaking is on of  America’s number one fears. It actually rated higher then dying!

Does using your voice, speaking up for yourself, sharing your point of view and/or singing your heart out in front of others scare the heck out of you?

Would you be willing to walk past those fears?  Would you be willing to value you enough to go past that fear? Would you be willing to trust life enough be in the present experience rather then a past story?

Walk past the fear process:

  1. Ask, What is this to gain awarenss
  2. Ask for support
  3. Expand out
  4. Breath into your center
  5. Proceed despite the fear

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