Waking up dull, bored and uninspired is never a fun experience.

Have you ever had the thought of, “what’s the point”?

The past few mornings this is how I have been waking up and it has been interesting navigating my day from here.

Being a positive musician, an uplifter, Reiki master and voice coach, uninspired and bored don’t seem like a good fit. LOL

Yet if I were to be frank and vulnerable, this very space is the perfect place to be.

As I was marinating in the doldrums I felt a threshold of choice come over me. I could focus on the doldrums or I could focus on each thing I was doing and find wonder in that.   So I decided to look up a new recipe for breakfast porridge.  I stayed extremely present with each step of making it and when I sat down to eat it felt very satisfied and satiated AND …. I was getting inspired!

What I have noticed more then ever lately is what a choice life is – The choice to live or die, the choice to be happy or sad, the choice to be inspired or not be inspired etc.

I saw a post from a friend on FB this morning.  His life is throwing him some major curve balls –  His biopsy came back positive and he had to but is daughter’s horse down.  Yet his out look continues to be on the up and up.  He chooses to stay curios and keep participating in all he can.

We have a choice every morning where we put our focus and what we are present with.   Where we put our focus will dictate how we experience our reality.

Getting inspired from the doldrums can be challenging. The doldrums can hold onto us pretty tight.  Or rather there is something in us that holds on to IT pretty tight.   Hmmm.  Why is that –   Learned habit, feeling of having no choice or perhaps the focus “muscle” is a bit weak?

There is no FREE RIDE as a human being unless you want to be like a pin ball being batted around helplessly around different realities.  As human beings we always have a choice to focus, choose, and deliberately create. It is our FREE WILL.

Whether we speak, sing, uplift, or inform, focus on your contribution rather then what’s not working or your lack in an area.

As I get ready for a show tonight, I’ll be doing just this. Instead of focusing on not being practiced enough or not getting enough sleep or not being the caliper of musician I want to be, I’ll be choosing to focus on what I can contribute here.  The judgmental thoughts may still come across my mind, yet I’ll be using my free will to choose something else.

You have something to contribute just by being you!   What would it take to choose THAT every day, in every way? Getting inspired is a choice away.