Has anyone ever fit into those beautiful one size fit all dresses?
Not me …
What else is supposed to be one size fits all that just doesn’t work for you and you make it a wrongness of YOU
instead of acknowledging your difference and inputing your magic into the recipe?

What assists you in being in allowance of the brilliant uniqueness of YOU?  What keeps you from doing that?

Cultivate your awareness.  Let the awareness of the magic of you assist you in putting your unique stamp on everything you do!

For me spending time being aware of Holy Fire Reiki gives me the inner peace and trust to be me and follow the creative flow of where that leads me.

Would you be willing to follow the awareness  of the creative flow of the magic you are and put that into the recipe of every “model” you try to follow that attempts to put you in a one size fits all box for business success, enlightenment, relationship success, vocal success, health and wght success, mental health success … the list goes on!!