Several years ago when my boys were younger we would get our rock collections out and give each other healing sessions with the rocks.

Fast forward to now, I have become a Reiki Master and  have been introduced to the healing qualities of rocks, gems and crystals.

I was at the gem store this weekend up in  Nederland Co and I started to be attracted to certain rocks.  The owner was so sweet and let me look up all the healing properties of the rocks I was attracted to.

I noticed all the ones I picked out were healing areas of the heart and throat helping one to be confident, creative, expressive, courageous and intuitive.

All the qualities I work with people in my Holistic Voice Coaching sessions

What if rocks, gems and crystals offers an opportunity to heal your voice in an unconditional yet potent way? 

How can this possibly work?

Everything is a frequency and has a vibration – including your tension, your trauma and your belief systems and including rocks, gems and crystals.

When your body, including your vocal instrument, is in balance and vibrating in alignment with your wellbeing, you feel good and you  are able to express yourself freely.   However, when you are tense, alignment askew, living past trauma in the present and stressed, your vibration shifts.  Your frequency is slower and more dense and effects how you feel, how your body functions and how you express.

Different rocks, gems and crystals offer frequencies that help to bring your body into the vibration of wellness again. When you entrain with the frequencies offered to you by the certain gem you begin to release limitations, toxins and trauma energy.

It is my point of view that this assists in healing your voice as well.

Rocks, gems and crystals can be worn around your neck with a necklace or can be used on your body during energy healing sessions or can be paced in your home or office  to effect the environment.

Healing your voice, your way of communicating and trusting yourself to speak up can be a fun journey and there are so many interesting ways to discover to free your voice again.

Some of my favorite ways are: Yoga, Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Healing, Rock/gem healing and singing.

Some Rocks/gems/crystals that you may want to explore:  Chysocolla,  Sodalite, Aventurine, Carnelian

Enjoy the journey!


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