Agh… I find it so uncomfortable when I am walking the line of asking for change but not really choosing it.

Recently, I had a rude awakening  around being a musician.

Seems like the universe is giving me hints to step up my game with my music capacities. Yet I realize the stories and the excuses that puke out of my mouth when I am confronted with the possibility of really making change in this area, DO Not support the change I am asking for.  LOL

Are you resisting the change YOU are asking for?

Seeking change requires you actually do something different then what you have been doing.

OHHHH  This hit me like a brick last week when I realized I was asking for change but not really doing anything about it.   I finally  said to myself,

“No More! I will be the caliper of musician I desire to be”

I’ve been charting songs, playing with a metronome and practicing way more. Today I also used the power of written affirmation 15 times to begin changing my reality around music.

What change are you asking for?   Are you asking for change but keep telling the same old story or keep doing the same thing expecting different results?

I see this a lot in the area of voice.

I hear a lot from folks that they’ve always wanted to sing, yet they have an awful voice and could never sing in front of anyone.  Do you see the contradiction here?   The energy of these two statements create resistance.

If you want to sing then what actions can you take to give yourself a new story about your voice?

Many people I’ve noticed feel embarrassed for even suggesting they would like to be a singer.  This self judgment energy cancels out the change you  are capable of.

What change are you asking for around your voice?   Align the energy of that change with the script and story you are telling yourself. Then take a different action to create a different reality. Choose something different to truly choose the change you are asking for and watch the resistance just float away.

Your voice and your experience with your voice will not change unless you unabashedly choose it!

Here are 6 practices to Choose the Change You are asking for:

  1. Name the change you are asking for
  2. Write a positive affirmation about this and write it 15 times a day
  3. Become aware of the habit of telling sabotage stories that contradict #1 and say CANCEL each time you catch your self
  4. Align with action and support to create #1 -i.e. get a coach, do an on line program, get library books on the topic, meet mentors,
  5. Schedule practices to support this change in your daily calendar to make sure you are taking action everyday toward this change
  6. Put sticky notes on common places you look to remind you of the new mindset and practices you are choosing

So here we go friend!  Cheers to us for getting out of our own way!!