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Have you ever felt a heavy tension in your chest that felt like an elephant was sitting on your chest? Perhaps you got tests and bloodwork and nothing is showing anything wrong!  This is a GOOD thing!  It means you are becoming aware of  your stuck emotions before they cause an actually physical disease in your body.  Hooray!!

The cause of every disease

Under every disease symptom in the body is an energetic, emotional and spiritual root. Everything is vibration. The vibrations that cause disease in the body are slower denser vibrations. The sooner you can catch the vibrational root the easier it is to clear the symptoms. If you truly want to explore why dis- ease has come to your body, studying the 5 Koshas is a very handy map.  The disease process is a complex system of vibrations and perhaps programs and contracts.  By exploring each part of your humanness you can find the vibrational roots of the disease you are experiencing. You can explore these vibrations with sound therapy.

The emotional level of disease

One of the Koshas of the disease process is the emotional body.  Unexpressed and unprocessed emotions from years past can get locked up in the body  causing the body to have a denser vibration. Left there long enough they can lead the body to break down and disease is a greater possibility. Your voice is part of sound therapy and can help process these emotional energies.

How to catch emotions before they break down the body

Earlier I mentioned it is possible to feel sensation in the body without actually having a problem in the body. If you can feel the emotions in your body before they cause the body harm, it will be easier to shift the emotional energy. An affective way to do this is through sound therapy, specifically sound therapy with your voice.  Your own voice has the ability to process emotions that have accumulated in the body, even after years of ignoring those emtions. Below is a video that will show you a technique of how to process one of the toughest emotions,  Grief that is common to get locked up in the heart and lung area of the body.   Let me know how the technique works for you.

If you would like assistance with sound therapy I have several programs that can support you. Feel free to schedule a FREE discovery call.

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