You are Awakening and so are your Chakras

You are on your awakening journey, right?  Your perspectives are changing, beliefs are shifting and your vibration is rising.  This means you need new chakras. Well, at least a new paradigm for your chakras. The chakra system is not boxed in one reality just like you are not. The chakras are ready to awaken and ascend along with you. In the traditional map, they can not help you sustain higher frequencies. So a new paradigm is needed!

Stop being a yoyo with your Vibration

You may have noticed you are able to reach high vibrations with your new broadened perspectives. You may have also noticed that you feel like a yoyo. One minute your vibe is high another minute it is plummeting. Perhaps you have started to protect your vibration and stopped being around low vibe things or people.  Are you feeling alone, frustrated, or stuck yet?  You don’t have to live like this nor were you meant to! Your chakras can evolve with you to help you out on your ascension journey.

How the chakras are evolving

I’ve noticed for years that something about the classic chakra map did not feel true anymore for me. Then during my Holy Fire Reiki Master training, I received an image of the chakras expanded.  Then I started to work on clients and I noticed that their light bodies were shifting and that it was more beneficial if they grounded into their light bodies instead of the earth.  Several years later, I learned about the term, “uncap” the chakras from an energy healing system called Marconics. From what I had learned about chakras and these 3 new things I came to know about the chakras,  it was very clear to me that the chakra system is not in end all structure.  The chakra map is supposed to shift and change along with our light bodies as we raise our vibration and ascend with our bodies.

I see the evolving chakra system as expanded bands of light that take up the width of our whole body. Instead of the chakras being along the middle central channel of our body, they are making up our whole body. Our bodies are the central channel of our light body. This evolution allows the chakras to manipulate and process high-frequency energy to less dense energy as they were when they were capped.  This new system will help us sustain higher frequencies in our bodies.  At least this is how I see it all.

Vocal Sound to activate a paradigm shift for Chakras

I have noticed that if I vocal tone with Light Language centered in Source frequencies at the 144th dimension or higher the chakra system is activated to uncap and evolve to its next way of being.  You can start toning and activating your chakras in this way or you can tune into the videos I have done on Uncapping all the chakras. Click here to go to the playlist:

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