Is Your Mind Getting in the Way of Your Bliss?

I’ve noticed we give a lot of honor, attention and identity to our minds. Culturally we have revered thinking as our greatest attribute.  However, too much attention here can get in the way of our joy and bliss!

Have you ever seen the animated movie Mega Mind? This is what humans should really look like with the amount of attention we give our thinking mind – huge heads with little bodies. We have become a race who wants to know answers, wants to know the facts and who need to analyze everything.  Look at our school systems. They train kids from an early age that smart means knowing your facts and having the right answer.

So what is so bad about this hyper focus on our mind?

Identifying with your mind robs you of the present moment and the joy and bliss that is available to you.

Have you ever tried to sit still or formally tried to meditate? Does your mind wander? Are you flooded with thoughts? Do you throw your hands up and say, “Its useless I can’t meditate; my mind won’t stop.”

What if sitting still and meditating is actually about watching the mind do its thing with out judgment or focus?

Perhaps meditation helps us become a fly on the wall of life and become a powerful observer rather then a doer.

As the thoughts go by, allow them; as judgments go by, allow them, as stories or past traumas are brought up, allow them, if ‘to do’ lists surface, allow them.  ‘Allowing them’ means peal away from them and observe them rather than be them. One tool is to just see each thought in a bubble and watch it eventually float away. Meditation is not necessarily about sitting still with a completely clear blank mind. It is a  practice of not being attached, or effected by the thoughts themselves.

The thoughts in your head do not make you a good or bad meditator. It is a presence practice that assists you in bringing presence to your everyday moments. Presence allows you to live in the moment without attachment to the past and without projections of the future. It is in the present moment you have available a deep bliss even if you are not doing something “fun. What if beingness is the joy you have been searching for while you have been trying to have the most fun adventure. What if it is right there available to you at all times?

Morning Reiki and Voice practice: To calm the mind and build the witness

Today I had a lovely practice. I tuned into an ease and bliss that was delightful.  Perhaps it is a practice you would like to play with yourself.

First, I sat still for 10 minutes with my hands in prayer mudra or Gosho. I then called in Holy Fire Reiki (if you have Reiki call it in, if you don’t, ask to align with divine love and light) and then I focused on the energy between my hands.  I allowed any thoughts that came through.  Then after 10 minutes I chanted the Gayatri Mantra, a lovely chant that “brings about the second birth, which is freedom from attachment to suffering.” The Naked Voice, Chloe Goodchild.   I chanted this for another 10- 20 min.

Gayatri Mantra lyrics in Sanskrit:

”Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha,
Tat Savitur Varenyam,
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi,
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat.”

Mantra translation:

”O Lord, Thou are the protector of life and of breath,
Dispeller of miseries and bestower of happiness.
Thou are the creator and the most acceptable intelligence,
Possessing eternal qualities.

May Thine qualities and Thy inspiration pass to us.”

Using Reiki and divine love and light along with voicing a mantra can be a powerful practice. It assists you in feeling  bliss, presence,  and allowance. Doing a practice like this also helps you to detach from the mind and see what awareness shows up! The sound of your voice can get you out of your head and into your heart. The potent energy of the mantra can give you a spontaneous healing.

The space beyond thinking

There is a space beyond thinking that allows us to perceive, know and be. It is a lighter flavor of energy that has a blissful quality of possibility to it. This energy is available to all of us. Our minds and thinking are wonderful tools, yet not the source of our greatness.  It is an important teaching to release the attachment of our minds and surrender to something broader.

Be in total allowance of yourself in the process of meditation and mantra.Your mind may try to kick and scream with more and more thoughts to get attention. Beyond that tantrum, just like with toddlers, is a deep love and presence. Forge on in the stillness!

This stillness fuels your bliss and this bliss fuels possibility with your creativity, your relationships, your voice, your business and your health!

Blessings on your way,