There is something stirring.

Can you feel it?

People have been asking for something different.

There is a law in the universe that says, “Ask and it is given” 

So here we are; the Universe has heard the asking and it is giving.

Are you open to receiving it? 

There is a new healing energy available to us that is for a new era of consciousness.

Actually it has been available for about 4 years now.

It is the Holy Fire Reiki energy. 

Holy Fire Reiki energy is a high frequency universal energy that is a fine tuned healing energy available to people who are asking for it. Holy Fire means bringing back to wholeness to our divine nature.

It is deeply purifying, empowering and offers healing and guidance.

It is my experience that Holy  Fire helps us heal our dualistic nature that polarizes us  and creates separation on our planet. It heals this ancient wound and creates a sense of oneness and allowance that grows positive attributes in our personalities and grows a great capacity for unconditional love.

In my life using the Holy Fire Reiki energy has helped me trust more and worry less. It has helped me love more and anger less.  It has helped me see my addiction to over doing, having and getting more.  It has allowed me to enjoy life from a deep sense of gratitude for what I DO have and what is here for me now.  There is a deep peace in that.  I’ve also noticed that with this deep sense of appreciation for the present that judgment, envy and jealousy have been released out of my mind and a deep sense of calm and clarity of purpose are more present.

Holy Fire Reiki can put you on a journey of transformation that continues to expand daily. 

Consciousness is ever expanding. You may have the opinion that our world’s consciousness is collapsing. But this is not so.  With every shift in frequency and consciousness comes a purification and a raising of frequency. What ever does not match that frequency will have to come to the surface to purify and be released bringing greater awareness.

Holy Fire energy is here. We as a collective have asked for it.

It may not be for everyone, yet it is here for those who feel the invitation.

Holy Fire Reiki is a new healing energy tool that not only is used to heal others but is an energy that we each can use in our own spiritual and personal growth practice on a daily basis. Holy Fire Energy has come to Reiki because Reiki is non judgmental and  non dogmatic. Reiki is in allowance of everyone and it can be used in endless ways.

Are there other high frequency healing energies that have heard the call? Yes, Holy Fire energy is one of  the new high vibration healing energies that are coming to the planet for the sake of expanding human consciousness. As humans we are ready to receive the vibration of this energy where as in the past that may not have been so. We as a collective are evolving. This means our spiritual/energetic nature is able to infuse the body even more. We are spiritual/ energetic beings having a body experience, the more we evolve the lighter in frequency our bodies become. This can not happen quickly or our bodies would disintegrate or at best become quite dis functional unable to handle participating in daily earthly life.

If you are curious about your spiritual/ energetic evolution, if you are feeling its time to expand and shift, if you are curious about how you can do your part to help the planet, if you are interested in human potential and enlightenment,  if you see unconditional love as an avenue for planetary shift,   Holy Fire Reiki may be a new healing tool that is perfect for you.

You can read more about Holy Fire Reiki on the International Center for Reiki Website:

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In light and song,