The truth of you IS the truth of your voice!

What would it take to speak your truth from there?

So many times I’ve heard people say, “I have to speak my truth”, only for it to be followed by a lot of drama.

I’ve lived this my self so many times. I get all puffed up and ready to speak my truth to my next victim and while it may feel good at the time to get something off my chest, it doesn’t change anything for the good energetically in my life except to give me awareness of what I don’t really want in my life.  AND it has kept me in a limited perspective of a smaller story of my existence rather then the infinite possibility of ME.


Now that is something to VOICE!

You can begin to be aware of the difference through noticing how you feel.  Are you feeling light, grateful, joyful, patient, present and aware?

or are you feeling separate, ready to prove something, frustrated, annoyed, fearful, vengeful, and one-sided?

Voicing yourself from the latter is a recipe  for drama, more trauma and limitation; and it usually takes longer to get to the resolve you were hoping for.

The truth of your voice has everything to do with your willingness and commitment to live from the lightness of being you are.  Telling your story may be an important step. However, how you tell the story and what you are aligned with matters greatly.

A good friend of mine, Kevin Schoeninger, just released his book, “Clear Quiet Mind”. This book is full of ways to quiet the mind, quiet the limitation of the story and to align with your presence.   From a clear and quiet mind you will find the truth of you in the story, from there the truth of your voice emerges and speaking from that space of being is super potent for you and others listening to promote higher consciousness and oneness one the planet!

EckHart Tolle talks about feeding the pain body when we are telling stories, reading books or watching movies whose content is filled with an unconscious voice. When content’s purpose is to expand consciousness and to assist other’s in aligning with their presence and oneness with everyone,  the truth of the voice comes forward; when the purpose of the content is to align and feed the anger, fear, grief and separation of others, the pain body grows and the voice of unconsciousness prevails.

Once we become aware of the difference, it becomes a choice.   Will you be a voice of truth or a voice for the pain body?

Those old stories of how you were silenced as a child…. voicing the pain body

Those old stories of being bullied that limit your choices today… voicing the pain body

Those old stories of abuse, that keep you a victim… voicing the pain body

Play with these stories with the exercises in “Clear Quiet Mind”, Journal about the stories with the focus on the hero you are to have survived it,  craft a different story for the present moment cause today is today and yesterday was yesterday, bring a Holy Fire Reiki practice into your life -All these things will assist you in opening up to voicing YOUR TRUTH!