Did you ever notice that a lot happens when you are willing to be in the silence?

Thru the years it was in the silence that I would find my inner voice that created the songs I wrote. Sometimes it felt like magic or a gift from the angels. The songs seemed to just appear.

When people asked what my writing process was or what my inspiration was I usually just would say, “the songs just come to me”

What I have discovered through the years is that the sound of silence has a loud impact on my voice.

Through giving my self time in silence I was able to hear loud and clear that whisper of intuition, god, inner self and guidance was coming through. It was there all the time, but in the silence I was able to hear it.

What would it take to spend 10 – 15 min twice a day in silence with no distractions? 

The cool part about spending time with silence is that the inner guidance you begin to hear becomes familiar and eventually you may begin to hear it even around a noisy environment.

This morning I was driving my son to camp and I totally heard the voice of a song coming through.  I didn’t have to stop to sit still or find a place that was totally void of distraction to hear it.   I turned on my recorder on my phone and started singing the song.

My awareness around this is that the many years I have practiced being in the silence and getting familiar with the voice of my intuition has led me to being able to hear it even in  a distracting moment as well as discern it from my monkey mind or ego.

This can come in handy when I am doing public speaking or I am required to advocate for one of my sons or I am speaking off the cuff at a performance about one of my songs.   Speaking from the guidance of my intuition rather then my ego riddled pain body which can include fear, lack, anger, frustration and more, brings the reward of a lighter path – a path that lights up my soul journey.  It also helps develop a trust in you and the voice you use to speak up.

For the next month if you do not have a practice like this already give this a try:

Silence Practice: 

Spend 10 min.- 15 in the morning and in the evening in sheer silence with no distractions.  If thoughts come up no big deal. Let them come up and then let them fall away and come back to the silence.  At the end of your time write down any guidance or information that came through.

Begin to experience the loud impact silence can have on your voice!

Any questions or comments? I would love to hear what is on your mind, in your heart and in your voice!