Lately the word SPACE is on my radar a lot. Not only does physical space in the vocal track help make a strong potent voice but the space of being as well.

The key to a strong voice is SPACE!

Recently I was listening to an old recording of myself singing.  It was so sweet.  It was for sure an example of  MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION.  I loved hearing the innocence in my voice and the nervousness.  It gave me so much awareness about where I started from and where I am now.

I could hear in my voice a lack of space not only in my throat and mouth but also in my personality, the tone of my voice and the emotions I was voicing.

The key to a strong potent voice is space in the throat and mouth area as well as spiritual space.  I call this spiritual space the allowance of being.

Fast forward to the now. When I hear a recording of myself singing I can hear that physical spacious space in my throat and mouth.  It has a warm tone. I hear in my voice a personality of confidence and trust – a surrendering to my beingness.

The key to cultivating this SPACE  is tuning in physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Today I want to give you a little practice I do to create more space in all those areas.

It is a simple toning practice that quiets the mind, relaxes the emotions, allows your beingness and stretches the muscles in your throat and mouth.

The practice:

Tone A – O – H – M

Say/sing this sound out loud and exaggerate the mouth by dropping the chin to create a large sound hole for A,  perk the lips as if you were going to puff a smoke ring out of your mouth for  O and press the lips together in a humming sound for  M.    When you are singing A and O imagine opening the back of the mouth and throat as if you had to swallow a whole egg.

When you are focusing on the sound your mind quiets down. When you are allowing OM to be sung out you are connecting to the bigger part of you – your beingness. This OM sound in yoga is the sound of the universe you are connecting in with and allowing yourself to be one with.  This oneness in turn provides a sense of trust and surrender that is wonderful for vocal confidence.

Give this a try!  I would love to hear how it goes for you and if you have any questions!