As I was sitting in my Reiki practice this morning I was settling down from some overwhelm from getting ready for a family trip, getting ready for clients and tending to house and bills.   The question came to me, “Where do I start?”

The guidance that came to me was,

“Start where you are. It may not be neat and linear but tune in and turn yourself on.  From there GO” 

I thought I would share the same guidance with you today.

Your health and Your Voice matter.  When you are in a state of overwhelm where do you start? This overwhelm can compromise your immune system, create sleep disturbances and even depression.   Overwhelm in your voice may look like a monotone expressionless voice, a reactive voice or no voice at all.   What can you do??

how to start I suggest to first Tune in and then Turn on.  

To tune in you may have to do something that seems counter productive, that is, STOP.   Take a moment to stop, tune in to your beingness – that part of you that has a stillness and deep wisdom. Breath into that space of who you BE.  This can be done in 2 – 10 minutes.  Your whole nervous system will settle. What I like to do from here is ask for guidance and alignment.

You could say to yourself, “I ask for guidance. What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be the biggest contribution to my day, myself and to others in my day?” 

Now it is time to turn on.  Turning on has to do with taking that beingness that you felt and let it expand to every cell of your body, every space between the cells and your biofield. This lines you up with a frequency that is in alignment with ease for your day. To do this just hold the intention to expand and turn on?

You could say to yourself , “I turn my lightness of being ON now.  I expand this out to my whole body and field. I am turned ON”

From here you may become aware that you may want to add something to your day, ask for help or take a few things off the to do list.   These moments of Tuning in and Turning on will give you awareness of how to proceed with ease.   Your Health and your Voice will find wellness and freedom too!

All the best with Starting!

May your Health and Voice be brilliant today!