self-helpWith so many modalities of “bettering” ourselves these days which really is the most productive?  Much of self help can be ladened with a lot of self judgment which can be quite productive but at what cost?

Which is more productive?  Self Help vs. Self Judgment?

Our human nature is to expand, grow and learn. However, what motivates us to do that is quite important.  Learning something from self judgment rather then self awareness may look productive at first but really keeps us in a box of limitation.

Reaching for self help is part of our natural awareness to expand and grow, like a hermit crab whose shell becomes too small. Self help modalities come in so many flavors: yoga, law of attraction, paleo diet, affirmations, clearing statement, sound healing, reiki, 9 ways to do this, 6 ways to do that etc. However, these modalities can keep you running in a circle if you are coming from them with self judgment rather then self awareness.

Awareness is a pull, a drive or a knowing.  Judgment is  a limiting thought about yourself.

To distinguish between the two one must develop some self observation, self responsibility  and be willing to be vulnerable which all together can be a heard pill to swallow, but this is what is required for awareness and for self help to truly do what it was meant to do – expand and grow you.  Self loathing may get you to the door of self help but it must be left there.  A ton of allowing, unconditional love and humility is a requirement to truly expand and grow and it is the true product of self discovery and self help.

In self help, productivity is not measured with the physical reality but in an individual’s ability to trust, love, express, create and be aware and all that is not measured in comparisons but rather  an individual’s knowing.

It is important to be honest with yourself .

It is also important to know that each modality has loads of coaches, teachers and facilitators  associated with them. The wonderful aspect of a coach or facilitator is that they help you see patterns  that you may be glazing over. If you feel stuck in a self modality it may be time to have someone outside give you a helping awareness not because they know more then you, but because they are a step outside of you and may be able to be a flash light for you to see dark areas you feel called to change but are stuck.  Could you reach for help with out feeling like you have failed?

A good place to start with self help is to get curious. If you are starting to feel itchy in your own skin, ask a question such as, “What is this?” Let the awareness wash over you at some point in the day. It may not come like a clear answer right at the moment you ask.

Oh yea, you never get it right and you never get it done because you are an ever expanding infinite beings.  I find that quite humorous as we humans in the western culture always seem to think there is a “right” way and a “right” answer. LOL  I also find it relieving and exciting.



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