The breath of your business gives your business its life force, its  mission and its personality.

What exactly am I talking about?  I am talking about YOU. You are the breath of your business.   With out your drive, inspiration and  care for your business it would not be so.

How do you convey all of this in your business?

Through your voice and your presence.

Matching your voice of words, your voice of tone and voice of presence is the key. If these 3 are conflicting in anyway the breath of your business is having a breathing issue.

Many breathing issues in our bodies have to do with a dis- regulated exhale. I see this as the same issue with our business.   Our inhale, all the learning we have done, our inspiration, our important mission, our research, our commitment  etc., is well in tact. However, when it comes to the exhale the release of all the information and the engagement of our audiences, sometimes there is an imbalance.

The way the breath works in our body is that the inhale and the exhale work in a reciprocating effort.  Ideally, equal.  When the exhale is too short the body can not inhale properly and effectively.

I see the same with business. If you can not exhale your business enough to the proper clients so you can engage, share and learn from clients, then the inhale will be compromised.  We must engage and learn from our clients or our business becomes robotic and stale.

To have a strong exhale of our business I propose we must be vulnerable, unique and authentic through all our messaging.  I know this can be  hard to do with a room full of strangers but what if they weren’t strangers. If someone is in front of you, in my metaphysical mind, they have tuned in energetically with you before and they are there, not by mishap or chance, but in perfect alignment with what you have to offer.

Are you willing to give them all that you are, all that you stand for and the mission you are on? 

This is what is required to fully exhale your business, so your business can take the next inhale and grow!

How do you give all of you in a 30 sec. spiel?  How do you be vulnerable with 100 people?  If I am vulnerable and authentic am I still being professional?  Isn’t successful business about duplication?  If I don’t seem in control and confident won’t clients not trust me?

Do you have these questions about the exhale part of your business?

Rebecca Abraxas, Voice and Presence coach

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