7 Self-Care Activities to Lighten the Work Load of Every Entrepreneur

by Jennifer McGregor

This is a crazy time for so many people. 2020 has been a year of ups and downs — an understatement — and everyone feels the weight of this differently. Parents are stepping up to support virtual learning — many of them while also now working from home. Employees have lost hours, pay, and work entirely, while small businesses around the globe are struggling to stay afloat.

Remember, the universe is flowing with you. Whatever energy you are putting out there is what is funneling back into you. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have to find ways to persevere through this time. Your effort will come back, double, or even triple-fold.

One way to make it through the stress and chaos is to practice self-care. Many people have heard the buzzword, but few people understand it (and even fewer do it). Self-care is about making sure you have regular activities that bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment, so that you may feel empowered and even encouraged when facing life’s challenges and frustrations. For entrepreneurs, self-care is critical to managing the highs and lows, stress, and long hours that come with starting a business.

What You Can Do Physically


  • Exercise: Any regular physical activity will help you de-stress, but the routine of working out at home or at the gym can help you thrive in your fitness goals. Try running in the mornings or following along to free aerobics or bootcamp videos on YouTube.
  • Hobby: Cross-stitching, knitting, painting, hiking, video, and board games — any activity where you learn and practice skills is a great way to stimulate your mind and body.
  • Meditate: Take 10–15 minutes a day, preferably in the morning, to sit in silence. There are dozens of different kinds of meditation styles, from guided ones like the Headspace app to transcendental, where you repeat a mantra in your mind.

What You Can Do Professionally


  • Hire Professionals: Don’t risk your reputation and your clients’ welfare trying to do tasks you aren’t really qualified to do. Hire someone to file your taxes, submit your payroll, manage your calendar, update your website, and on and on. Hiring services for your business can free up your time to lead and innovate.
  • Form an LLC: Forming a limited liability company protects your assets and allows you to take advantage of tax breaks and business loans. Be sure to know the regulations specific to Colorado or your state before you begin the process. Avoid trying to sift through the confusing paperwork by hiring a formation company to submit everything you need to become a Colorado LCC.

What You Can Do For You


  • Practice Self-Awareness: Learning more about why you make the choices you make can help you learn more about who you really are. In the 4 Stages of Awakening, we learn how to rise from the death of the ego. This type of awakening can build confidence and empowerment.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: When you can start being kind to yourself, it is easier to be kind to others. When you make a mistake, let go of guilt and instead, feel gratitude for an opportunity to learn from it. Make lists of things you’ve accomplished, not just to-do lists that go on and on. Sustain your high vibe and celebrate all your small victories.

Entrepreneurs have such a courageous and creative spirit. Their fire needs to be nurtured to grow. These downtrodden times can hit entrepreneurs and small business owners’ really hard. It’s not uncommon for many to seek the energy healing services of a professional. With nearly two dozen degrees and certifications, Rebecca Abraxas has decades of experience helping people connect with their true self, living a life of confidence, creativity, and fulfillment. Schedule a session with Rebecca today.

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