Are you a lightworker?

Then it is time for you to get even clearer and raise your vibration to the next frequency. Here are 4 things for lightworkers to clear to assist with that. There is a new paradigm upon us and unless you clear these things, you won’t be able to manifest effectively.

The Four Energies to Clear

These four energies to clear are obligation, responsibility, guilt, and contracts. In clearing these, lightworkers leave a choiceless reality.  You as a lightworker can come into reality with more possibilities and fewer limitations. When these things are cleared you are able to tap into the flow of inspired action and response. You will begin to sense worthiness just through your beingness not your act of service.

Get Started with the Energy Clearing

In the video below are 4 clearings using the Access Consciousness Clearing statement to clear out the electromagnetic energy of these 4 dense energies.  Running the clearings 30 times a day can assist you in reprogramming your energy body therefore decreasing the density in your mind and body. This may leave you feeling lighter and more able to tune into inspired action instead of action sourced from obligation, guilt, and responsibility.   This freedom gets you ready for the new paradigm of manifesting and actualizing that is coming in 2021 and beyond.

Support for Lightworkers

You are not alone. These intense times may be uncomfortable. It may be confusing. If you could use support in clearing some of these more dense energies that seem to be holding you back, I have several programs that can help.  From simple email coaching to a 6-week mentorship journey.  You are a potent light being. Thank you for being here on the planet at this time!

Email coaching and 30-day email Sing Yourself Free

Single sessions 

6-week Mentorship program 


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