That’s kind of a funny question isn’t it?

But what I’ve noticed is that our voices are speaking to us all the time while we are speaking with others, while we are singing in the shower and even while we are silent.

“OK Rebecca what the heck are you talking about now?”,  you may be wondering

There is a vibration or frequency to all your emotions, all your stories, all your personality nuances, all your thoughts, all your unresolved trauma and to YOU (that soul/spirit/energetic part of you) .

It is pretty cool when you can start to tune into these frequencies and let our voice speak to you!  Becoming aware of what your voice is saying to you allows you to witness what you are communicating to others. Many of us go through our lives unconscious of the message we are giving to others in relationships and business.   You may think that the message is clear because you have been careful with the words you have chosen. However, the frequency those words ride in on are quite powerful.

Awareness means you get off autopilot and can see, sense and hear what you are doing.   Awareness means you can witness the outcome your speaking and voice has on others.  Awareness means you ask a question about what would create the energy of the interaction you would like to have?

So, “Do you let your voice speak to you? ”

A fun exercise is to record yourself speaking or singing and listen back to it.  What do you hear, what do you sense, what do you feel when you hear your voice?   Then ask, “What am I aware of hear, what is my voice telling me? ”

As you begin a dive into deeper communication with yourself, you may notice that the communication you have with others becomes more clear. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

As you begin to develop awareness with what your voice is communicating with you, you become a better listener. Would your relationships benefit from being a keener listener?

I know mine have!