I’ve seen it a lot lately the term “Voice of Change”

But what does it really mean?

With social media and our ability to get information and news so quickly we are bombarded with slogans and terms that are good at rallying and motivating but are they truly creating the change we are seeking?

What does it take to have a voice of change?

First it requires you to believe that YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

With out this nothing can change.  Do you believe your voice matters.

Go ahead and say it to yourself,  “My voice matters.”  Notice the energy that comes up when you say this to yourself. Does it feel like a bowling ball in your belly or do you feel a butterfly sensation?

This awareness of energy gives you so much information and direction to where to go next.

So it’s like those books that have the different scenarios …. If its a bowling ball feeling go to #1 …. if it is a butterfly sensation go to #2

#1 Your Voice Matters with a bowling ball in your gut

This means you are on board with the thought but your body and past are still like “yea but”.   This gives you a lot of information to play with. For our voices to be free and alive and create for us there must be an energetic alignment with what you think, feel, be and know.

The Bowling ball is telling you that you may think this but you don’t feel it, believe it or BE it.   So now what?    I always  like to get curious and ask some questions around it:  How old am I being? What is this?  What can I be or know to shift this?  These questions begin to give you more awareness about what is silencing and inhibiting  your voice. It could be a past trauma, belief or something you adopted from an adult in your life.

The next thing is to start the reprogramming. I love the movie ” the Matirix” .  I love the idea that we can just run a different program to create something different. This is where affirmations come in, Affirm about 30 times a day that “your voice matters” .   Affirmations start laying a belief system in place.   AND the belief system can not be put in place with the heavy bowling ball energy so every time you affirm “your voice matters” be sure to notice the heavy energy and say “I feel you and I choose something different today”   Our unseen energy body and reality just requires a little attention and direction to make a change.

#2 Your Voice Matters with butterflies in your gut

This means you are on board and aligned with this belief and what else is possible. Are you expressing what you desire to be expressing? Are you speaking up and out, singing your heart song and using your voice to express what works for you, for what you want to see in the world and for the change you want to see happening?

OR are you letting busyness, distractions and fear choose for you instead of making a deliberate choice to say HELL YES MY VOICE MATTERS AND  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY?

Follow the butterflies to the next expression of you. Following the light feeling does not mean that it will always be comfortable and easy but it does mean you are going in the direction of expanding to your highest self and most purposeful reality. Where can you be heard that would make a difference?

To have a voice of change requires…..

building your awareness of what is limiting you and reprogramming – Building your awareness of your greatest self AND trusting that awareness will show up always and you will know what to say, when to say it and how to express it.

Whether you have a bowling ball or butterflies know that it is always changing and shifting. Use the feeling of the bowling ball and butterflies to navigate your way to trusting your voice -Cause your voice matters!