cut the cord Are you feeling exhausted?

If you are feeling exhausted and triggered in your relationships, be sure to tune in. Are you giving energy to someone who is refusing it? Are you giving from a space of guilt, worry, obligation, loyalty, or responsibility? Chances are you may feel there is no choice. This may indicate you have a cord of karma with this person and it is time to cut the cord!

You always have a choice

When someone is willing to receive from you there is a flow and you feel appreciation, gratitude, lightness, and interest. The energy is moving and flowing and it feels really good.  If you do not feel this, what would it take to pause, step back, and tune your vibration to something higher before you interact, or choose not to interact at all?  Knowing when you feel good and when you don’t is a key first step. From there you can cut the cord that keeps you karmically interacting, reacting, and giving when it can’t be received.

Cut the Karma Cord

Today I am offering you a little tuning process you can do to decrease the cording or karma you have with your special relationship. Stop giving your energy away to someone who won’t receive it. This can age you and even bring on disease processes. Keep the flow of your energy moving in a downstream!

Want more support?

If you would like more support with cutting Karma cords perhaps a Discovery call may help. I offer 30 min for free.  I also have an email coaching program as well as a 30 day Sing Your Self Free program to get to know your authentic self better. When we get to know the truth of ourselves the karma starts shedding away. It just isn’t’ a vibrational match anymore.

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