Attention Lightworker

Where there is light I will follow. In this time of the great awakening, we are broadening our perspective shedding karma, and raising our vibration. Lightworker, as you expand your light body within, your whole vibration shifts along with how you function in a 3D world. How many times has someone said to you, “get your head out of the sand” or “you can’t live in your own little bubble?” And I am here to tell you, YES YOU CAN.

Lightworker, stay in your vibrational reality

The bubble or the sand equals the vibrational reality you are in and living. In actuality, folks telling you this are in their own bubble or sand. They are unwilling and unable to see the wellness and light in the world because they have not awakened to the broader perspective yet. And all of this is ok. We can all stay in the vibrational realities that work for us. In Fact, as an awakened being your most important work is to sustain a higher frequency.

Your Mission as a Lightworker

From that higher frequency, you will feel a quickening to where you can be of service. However, once you step into the 3D form and structure it is important you keep your vibration high. If it starts to lower it is important to notice this, pause, get resourced, and then approach the 3D form and structure from a different angle.

Your Edge is your Teacher

Parenting is my biggest edge right now. I am finally embodying how to parent while keeping my peace. The 100% commitment practice I show you in the video, is really powerful. So for now, don’t look, keep your head in the sand, until you can sustain the light and peace in your heart. As a lightworker, you will feel the quickening to what is your mission to shed light on. Unless you feel the quickening, remain in being mode. You do not have to be the knight on the white horse to go save everyone in 3D. Everyone has the moment that stirs them into awakening. Once we have awakened to the broader perspective it is our job to allow, be patient, and embody the vibration of light (ascension energy ) as much as we can.

More support for Lightworkers

If you would like more support with sustaining the light frequency during this 3D 0 5D shift perhaps a Discovery call may help. I offer 30 min for free.  I also have an email coaching program as well as a 30 day Sing Your Self Free program to get to know your authentic self better. When we get to know the truth of ourselves the light is sustained.

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  1. Ava Celeste
    Ava Celeste says:

    “100% committed to your PEACE” -Rebecca, this is such an incredible way of being that is so wholly pertinent. Sometimes I am still learning how to follow my lightness as I have until now carried a philosophy that adversity makes you stronger. Yes it does, but where I am struggling is how to tell when adversity has a light feeling and when it has a heavy feeling. I completely appreciate not only your insights, but your real life examples that help me relate. Forever Grateful.


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