There is a potent reason everything is happening.

This time of great awakening is a potent time of reprogramming and choosing. the past 24 hours have been a handful for me. I think I cried all the way through yesterday only to come out the other end released from a very old program. This program is “what am I doing wrong?” This is the question I have been asking for so many years and it really has stopped serving me.

Shadow Work

There are lots of shadows we live with. I call them outdated programs. If you are seeing them than it is time to let them go. Make the choice to have something different in your life and all of a sudden the veil gets lifted and you expand your awareness. It is a fascinating process.

A New Paradigm

The old paradigm of reprogramming had us reliving the program with consciousness for a long time. Perhaps in the time of the great awakening, we can do this more quickly with this formula: choice, awareness, possibility, choice.  This new paradigm is like a rocket ship to awakening.

Take the word HEAL out of your vocabulary

I have found it important to switch the word “heal” in my life to awaken. No one is broken, we just are in a state of forgetting. Remembering your greatness is about letting go of old programming (shadows) and seeing who and what you really are. Perhaps this is what is really going on. This is the reason things are happening. It is old programming playing itself out. Until we choose a new program and expand our consciousness things will be as they are.

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