Just the other day I met with my Reiki share group. We had a conversation about a lot of metaphysical things and one of my take aways was becoming aware of all the stories I keep alive in my life that create my present day. These stories are not necessarily creating possibilities for me but rather a reality that is on an auto loop of sameness. Sometimes that auto loop can make life easeful. We do things the same way and we have our routines we don’t have to think  much about. Perhaps this helps us save some energy and time in some areas of our lives. However, there are stories that we are holding onto that really can limit our lives and keep us stuck in areas we would like to see more freedom with.   Can you relate? Do you have areas in your life that feel stuck and would like change in yet you can’t seem to change it?

I have noticed this a lot when it comes to using the voice – using the voice with singing, speaking up, public speaking and even speaking to communicate feeling in relationships.  What story are you holding onto that continues to lock you into a way of being that no longer serves you?  Some simple stories I have heard people tell me about themselves are, “I don’t sing”, “I can’t sing”,  “I’m tone deaf”, “I was never aloud to sing”,  “I”m too loud”, “I’m soft spoken”, “I’m dramatic”, “I’m not musical”, “I hate crowds”, “I’m not trained to sing, speak etc”, “I’m not good enough”, “It’s not safe”, “I’m too old”, “I can’t” “I’m classically trained”, “I’m not organized”, “I’m overbearing”, “I’m not a good story teller”…….. These simple stories go on and one.   What is interesting to know about these simple stories is that they are linked to a much more detailed story that is still alive in the hard drive of your mind and in the tissues of your body!

Just becoming aware that you are telling these stories is a moment of change for you. The next moment of change is being willing to change the story. Then after that the next step may be to let go of all stories and live in the present moment with unlimited possibility.

Is today the same as yesterday?   Is today the same as 10, 20 30 ,40 or 50 years ago?  I think we all know the answer to that is, NO. So why would you live from stories (that include trauma, judgments, beliefs, survival strategies, feelings and thoughts) from years or days ago?  Perhaps it is programming that lies in your subconscious.  A lot of stories run without your conscious awareness of them. So the trick is to bring awareness to the subconscious by bringing it to the conscious level. What if finding your voice happens when you start each day with awareness?

Tips to finding your voice through your stories:

  • Receive the sound and the words of the stories you are telling each day. Hear yourself say, “I can’t, I won’t, I don’t, I ….. “, Be willing to hear this story  you telling yourself and others.
  • Notice, if receiving this story feels uplifting or is it pulling you down?  Once you put the intent to receive your own stories, you may begin to notice what it sounds like. I know when I started really hearing my own stories I was telling others I felt quite pathetic LOL – in an amusing way and I really had some awareness I wanted to change my output.
  • Dive in.  Some folks like to take this awareness and dive in a little deeper asking your stories questions like, “what is this”, “who’s is this”, “when was this”, “what am I getting out of this”… What surfaces?
  • Choose a different story. With the growing awareness that may surface from Receiving, Noticing and Diving what’s the story today you would like to play with?  Examples:  “I am safe”, “I express fully”, ” I love to sing regardless of  performing” “Being me is enough today” or perhaps keep it in a question, “What can I be today to be the biggest contribution to my voice, my singing and my life?”

So my friend, may your stories be a wonderful teacher for you toward finding your Voice!