What is being stuck about?

I know that feeling of being stuck pretty well.  It usually happens right before a big break through.

Being stuck is an indicator that you have evolved and grown psychologically, energetically and/or spiritually but you have not caught up with the shifts yet.

Feeling stuck can last months and years or it can shift in a day or an hour.

Tell a different story

This morning I witnessed my son get un-stuck with-in a matter of  an hour.  He woke up pretty crabby from not sleeping well. Refusing to get ready for school.

Over and over again I heard about his horrible night’s sleep and how tired he was.  So I said to him, “How about tell a different story?”

He questioned back, “You are telling me to LIE?!”

I proceeded to tell him about my own experience of waking up tired. What I noticed about not getting a good night sleep was that the more I counted the hours and the more I told people about how tired I was, the more tired I would feel.  But when I told a different story, something like,  “I’m grateful for the rest I had and now I am eating a good breakfast that is giving me energy. I’m excited about the day”, I started to perk up. I could see that my son was taking all this in.

Telling a different story about what is happening can turn the whole day around. It can align you with the present moment. This kind of story has the power to get you un-stuck!

My son got it.  But first he insisted on making sure his feelings where heard (One of the actions we have on a tool we created together called the “Wheel of Happiness”)   After that he was willing to tell a different story and he was no longer stuck. He headed to school happy, energetic and very chatty lol.

3 steps to let go of being stuck:

Now many of us have some bigger stories we are working through and healing. However, the process is the same.

  1. Reveal your true feelings
  2. Observe your present reality
  3. Tell a different story

These 3 steps can help you catch up with the growth you have already put in place. This is a simple but potent way to get your power back.  A lot of times healing has happened, yet you may be habituated to a certain pattern or habit. Some of those habits are complaining, focusing on the the past, staying in the negative feelings, and overthinking, just to name a few.

To catch up with your new space of being these habits require a new action plan.   We have all heard the saying, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result .’ *  When you are stuck, your body and being are asking you to do something different.  An action plan, how ever simple it is,  allows you to get un-stuck by doing something different so the desired outcome can show up. It may  require that you look more deeply into the moment as well as face your true feelings.

Your power resides in the choice to do something different.

Recently I have become aware on a whole new level of how I have been communicating with people. I have a lot of  knowledge about how to communicate effectively, yet in my personal relationships, my habit of communicating does not reflect this  knowledge.  The other day I honestly felt a bit hopeless around it all as it felt like I have been working on communication skills for a lifetime.  As a result I made a commitment to myself to spend this year really changing these habits.  On par for the Universe, I asked and the opportunity was given. So consequently, I  got a great opportunity yesterday to try something different with communicating when my husband and I got into a misunderstanding.

The discussion started as it always does and I started to witness our communication break down habits. With a lot of, ‘wait, let me try that again’, we got through it with a way different result.  What did we do differently? We became honest with our feelings, we observed the present moment, instead of referring to the past, and we began to tell a different story. By the end, we were in a heart centered place. In the past, this heart centered place would have taken us a few days or maybe even a week to get to.

Upgrade your habits

In the heat of the uncomfortable discussion it took some power and strength to stop myself and do it differently. It also took a lot of patience on both our parts as we stumbled through trying out new ways of communicating . The patience was well worth it and it gave me a sense of power back.  You see I was starting to feel hopeless with being stuck. I was starting to feel like I was never going to change this area of my life. It felt like I was chained to these communication habits forever.

We are never chained to anything! Your feeling of being stuck is a sign of personal evolution that just requires an upgrade of your habits. By  choosing what you want to change, making an action plan and having your habits catch up with your awareness, you will begin to clear that feeling of being stuck. In the meantime, you will feel powerful instead of hopeless.

Sometimes this reflective work can be challenging to uncover.  Remember to be forgiving with yourself,  be patient and reach out if you need support. Seeking the support of a personal coach can make it way easier. You do not have to be a lone wolf on this journey.

In light,


*  It is thought that Albert Einstein said this. However, I recently learned that he did not. It actually is of an anonymous origin. Read More