The Lion’s Gate Portal is Open.

This is a huge shift in our awakening wherever we are in the process. With the alignment of Sirius with the Earth while we are in Leo astrologically comes a surge of spiritual high vibration energy streaming to earth and to the humans on it. Whether we are aware of this stream of energy or not we are affected by it.

Capitalizing on it

When we do become aware of this energy surge, tuning in listening and creating intention around what we would like to see in our lives and what we would like to let go of can be really powerful. This energy portal opens every year around July 26 and ends around August 15 with the main focus happening on August 8th (8th month and the 8th day). This morning during my meditation I felt the stream of energy very viscerally and it moved me to sing and dance on my deck! The sound that came out was light language. We can open up our voices to receive this bright energy from Sirius through our voices. It is a powerful practice and does a wonderful job in raising our vibration.

It can be uncomfortable

This energy surge can cause some discomfort too. Sometimes it is challenging to embody such high-frequency energy. You may get tired, or irritable. You may get sensitive to crowds and sounds. Some old programming from your past can surface to be released. However, it shows up it is important to not resist and follow the flow of what your body is asking for. In the video, below I share some of the light languages that is coming through to me at this time. Enjoy!

Would you like to play with the Lion’s Gate Portal Energy with your Voice?

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