The Universe is Not

working for you.

It is playing and flowing with you. This is really a BIG vibrational difference. In American culture, we are Doing and Working oriented. But really that concept sabotages us from being co-creators of what we truly desire. I love how Abraham Hicks talks about it. Getting in the downstream flow toward our vortex.

Whatever we are being and believing the Universe is flowing that energy with us.

It plays with the current of our vibrations. Every belief, definition, and conviction we have is a vibration. The Universe matches that. It does not have an agenda, it doesn’t play favorites and it does not work for you. The Universe is a flowing, playing vibrational current. As we raise our vibration to 5D reality we get to see the magic that happens. All the boundaries of forms and structures and belief systems start to release. We shed denser frequencies and we live in the moment to moment realities.

Shifting our vibration

As we shift our vibration, the Universe shifts what it mirrors to us. WE are the puppeteer and the Universe the puppet perhaps. We no longer have to see ourselves as victims of the Universe. Instead, we are victims of our own beliefs and we get to change that if you choose to. Old belief systems must be let go if you are to really tap into the magic of 5D reality.

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