Living Inspired

Inspired action comes from a moment to moment conscious decision. Are you living inspired every day? How do you even do that? Living inspired takes about 10 seconds of awareness. It will be the best 10 seconds of your day so it is worth taking the time!

Don’t not do this

I noticed I was starting to make a video without tuning in first. What we practice we become. The secret to inspired action is tuning in. Today I felt the difference as I started to make a video and as I was editing it, it felt so heavy. All of a sudden I realized I had not tuned in. I am committed to walk my talk and live inspired. That means giving you all the inspired version of me and that also means recording videos from that space of being. So I started over, this time tuning in first!

Law of Attraction

There is an easy practice to do this. It is a law of attraction tool I learned in Ask and it is given by Abraham Hicks. A practice called Segment Intending. This is a powerful practice that can make every part of your day magical. It may seem cumbersome at first to live this way, but after a while, you won’t want to live any other way. Living consciously with inspired action will not only inspire your day it will inspire the planet!

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