You are really potent!

We all are. However, we tend to mask our potency by caring too much and judging our selves. Are you trusting people in their lives? Or are you over caring and treating them as a rescue mission? Everyone is an infinite being on their own awakening journey. Sometimes it is important to back off and roll out the red carpet of trust for them.

Judging your potency

Also with over caring you tend to judge your potency meaning that any reaction or response that is not lapping in a PC kindness is not ok. Today I want to say your kindness comes from being the awareness of what energy will be the biggest contribution. This may look calm and loving or it could look powerful and even aggressive .. remember Jesus flipping the table over in the temple? Would you be willing to own your potency to make a difference in someone’s life?

Giving up the rescue missions

As a daughter of an addict I have a tendency to over give and over care. I’m learning not only does this prevent me from my awakening with the light it is stunting others I am over caring for as well. By pulling back caring and increasing trust I get to honor their potency as well as mine!

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