Self-Care Tips for People on a Budget


Self-care is a buzzword that shows up online a lot these days, but many people aren’t sure what it means or how to achieve it without spending tons of money. The truth is, you don’t have to join an expensive gym or spa to practice self-care, and you don’t have to devote a lot of time to it. Finding small ways to feel better each day is achievable if you know where to start, so Rebecca Abraxas offers the following simple and budget-friendly things you can do to take care of yourself. 


Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day


As Oklahoma State University explains, working out is essential for all ages. It’s not only great for your body and your mind in the present; daily exercise can also help with preventative health. If you struggle with sticking to a regimen, a great way to incentivize your workout is with a fitness tracker like the Apple Watch SE. These devices allow you to monitor your progress, note changes in health, and even support texting and emailing. Plus you can set up a monthly payment plan that’s easy on your budget. 


Older adults can take advantage of programs offered by SilverSneakers, which is included with Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans. With SilverSneakers, you’ll have access to several gyms and workout programs in your area at reduced or no cost, making it easier than ever to find a workout that you can stick with. Not only will this allow you to stay social and meet new people, but it will also help you work on things like strength and balance to prevent falls.


Treat Yourself


One simple way to work self-care into your daily routine is to try out new ways to pamper yourself. It doesn’t have to be a major change; something as small as a new perfume, item of makeup, or a foot massager can allow you to feel renewed and recharged. 


Think about something you’ve been wanting to try for a while now and look online for the best deals. MoneyTalksNews notes you can score special discounts with a few savvy shopping strategies, like abandoning your shopping cart after you log into your account with an online store, or giving customer service a ring. A little craftiness can help you pinch pennies and allow you to get that little treat you’ve been craving!


Try Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety and even to cope with the symptoms of depression, and it can be done just about anywhere and costs nothing. Take some time in your day to ensure you’re properly aligned. While it can be different for everyone, many people find that it’s easier to relax and clear the mind while doing yoga. In fact, mindfulness and meditation go hand-in-hand, and if you can incorporate physical activity at the same time, both your mind and body will benefit. 


Cook for Yourself


Often, people who are single or live alone, have busy schedules or are living with a disability find that cooking dinner is a hassle that can easily be avoided. And while it may not be feasible to cook a complicated meal for yourself every night, you can make time to do it once or twice a week. Smithsonian explains that doing so is a great way to boost your mood and even your self-esteem, especially if you find that you have a talent for cooking. 


With this in mind, look at different menus online and pick a meal with healthy ingredients that won’t take too long to prepare. The act of doing something to nourish your body will be an incredible benefit, and you might just find that you enjoy doing it.

Taking care of yourself when you’re busy or on a tight budget doesn’t need to be complicated. With some simple lifestyle changes and an open mind, you can practice self-care on a daily basis without spending a ton of money or sacrificing your precious hours. Remember to turn to Rebecca Abraxas for valuable information like this, as well as for services that can help you live your best life.

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