sustain your high vibe Sustain Your High Vibe

When we are in this ascension process is it not enough to visit our possible high vibrations. We are in the process of learning to sustain and embody them. The great awakening is asking us to keep our vibe high as much as possible.

3 Things to Do Every Day

Here are 3 things to do every day to sustain your high vibration.

  1. Practice Alignment
  2. Take the Path of Least Resistance From where You Are
  3. Segment Intending

Practice Alignment Evey Day to Sustain Your High Vibration

The first thing is to practice what you want to become. Take time to meditate and sit still every day to practice that space of alignment. It also helps us to get very clear around when we are leaving alignment as well.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

Which brings me to number 2 – Manage the gap with the path of least resistance where ever you are. Once your vibration has spiraled down allow where you are. From there what is the next thought or action you can take to make an incremental step to feeling better and to a higher vibration? This is not a vibration of fixing but rather a vibration of flow. Can you feel the difference?

Use Your Voice to Know What’s in your Vibrational Field

A fun way to know what is in your vibrational field is to listen to the tone of your voice. While sometimes you can consciously be in a positive mood, there can be a lower vibration very active in your subconscious. Your voice can reveal this to you. Listen to the way you are talking to the people in your life. Or you can ‘ohm’ and hear what vibration is active there.

What is Segment Intending

The 3rd thing that would be very beneficial for you to do every day would be to segment intend. Each little segment of your day, such as going to the kitchen to cook breakfast, getting in your car for a drive, and heading to the store, is a segment of your day. Get ahead of your day vibrationally by intending what emotion you would like to feel and imagine how the segment will go before you enter into it. Being the vibrational reality before living it is KEY. Give these 3 things a try every day. I’m curious about how they work for you!

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