The Best Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Daily Life

by Jennifer McGregor


Two common misconceptions of self-care are that it’s self-indulgent and takes up a lot of your time. The thing is, neither of those statements are true. Self-care is necessary for your overall wellness, and if you know what to do, it can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.


Prioritize Exercise


You already know that exercise has many physical benefits, but did you know it can work wonders for your mental health as well? According to MedlinePlus, getting regular exercise can improve your mood and decrease your stress levels. You can also see an improvement in your critical-thinking and learning skills because exercise has a positive effect on your brain function.


To reap the benefits, though, you have to make time. If you don’t have much time to spare, look for quicker workouts. For example, you can fit high-intensity interval training into a 10-minute session or a 30-minute weight lifting workout. If you have time for lengthier workouts, connect with virtual yoga sessions for a combination of exercise and stress relief, or try to make time every other day for a challenging run.


Take in Your Surroundings


Did you know that your surroundings can have a direct impact on your overall well-being? For example, if your home is packed with too many things, or the things you have aren’t organized to your liking, then your space can actually increase your anxiety and stress levels. So, take a day (or even a weekend) to get your home in order. Not only will you bring down those stress levels, but you’ll also release the “bad energy” that clutter and disorganization can cause in a household. Who knows? You may discover that it’s making everyone a little calmer.


Don’t Call It Dieting


If you’re like most people, just the thought of dieting makes you give up on the very idea. The best thing you can do is ditch the word from your vocabulary. Instead, think of it as practicing proper nutrition. When your body gets the nutrients it needs, you’re making sure that it can function and be healthy. Research shows that you’re likely to stick to these changes if you make them gradually. You can start by replacing sugary drinks with water and eating processed foods less often. It also helps to make quick, healthy meals at home. Once you get the hang of it, Medical News Reports notes that you’re likely to have better moods, a more efficient memory, and improved physical health, among several other benefits.


Any Day Can Be a Spa Day


When you think about taking care of your body, it’s possible you haven’t considered your skin. Well, apart from being your largest organ, it has some pretty essential functions. According to Wound Care Centers, this includes protecting you from external factors that may try to harm you like microorganisms. To keep your skin in good shape, how about treating yourself to an at-home spa day? Your bathroom to a spa makeover doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking; just remove clutter and add some calming features. An upgraded shower head, candles, some relaxing CBD soaps or bath oils and fluffy towels can go a long way toward a DIY spa. Afterward, you can pamper your skin with a homemade facial mask and lock in moisture with a hydrating face and body cream.


Get Help When Needed


An important aspect of self-care is recognizing when you need more than just a few tweaks to your schedule to be healthy. Just like you would see a physical therapist if you had an injury, it’s beneficial to see a mental health professional if you have concerns about your mental health, especially if you’re feeling anxiety, depression, or hopelessness. If you spend an hour or more of your day dealing with mental health issues, this could also indicate that you need to get a professional involved. Once you find the right therapist, you can get the help you need.


Self-care is vital to your overall wellness. Instead of thinking about drastic lifestyle changes, focus on making small changes over time. These are much easier to incorporate when you have a busy lifestyle, and you’re more likely to stick to them in the long run. Don’t forget to seek out professional help if you need it.



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