Are things getting uglier?

The thing that concerns me the most is that the bad and the ugly are getting more and more repetitive.

There is subliminal reprogramming everywhere and we don’t even realize it! Things are getting uglier and a lot of people are buying into the ugliness and fear. The repetition of this is reprogramming our minds! Media and social media can be dangerous for this reason unless we are willing to focus on the beauty and be the director of our own lives.

Focus on the Beauty

Are things getting uglier or more beautiful in your reality?

If it is the latter then it is time to take an assessment of your inner environment. Our outer environment is a reflection of our inner world. Go on in there with compassion and kindness and love. Do a little rearranging of your inner world and watch the beauty emerge in your outer world. It is time to unplug from realities that cause us fear. You can unplug from realities. Did you know that? There are as many realities happening as there are people in the world. You can choose a reality that is in the world but not of the world. Put your focus on things you think have beauty. Consciously choose this. Repeat this every day instead of repetitively watching news feeds with the same ugly news. What you repeat, programs your brain. What do you want to be programmed into your brain? Do you want a choice or are you ok with subliminal reprogramming?

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