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After hearing an interview on YouTube where Spiritual Influencers were bashing the way lightworkers talk to other folks (which was kind of ironic lol), I felt like creating this content. It is super important to take a look at how we are communicating. It would be way more fun to communicate our hearts with more ease.

Toxic Talk

Toxic talk is very common in this time of the Great Awakening. I have to admit I am a recovering Lightworker in the sense that I have been growing awareness around how I am communicating and how it has been received. Every single person on the planet will go through an awakening process. The awakening process starts with embodying in the 3rd dimension. From there eventually, there is a stirring and the dejection process starts to happen with a lot of questions. In the dejection process, you start to realize you are a human having a spiritual experience. It is my awareness that this happens in the 4th dimension.

Phases of ascension

In this phase, there is a lot of ego tantrums and dark nights of the soul as one releases old patterning. This is the phase lightworkers realize their mission. Many lightworkers stay here and become influencers and teachers. As you mature in your awakening process, perspectives broaden and unity consciousness becomes embodied and you realize further you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is here one starts entering the 5th dimension and their ascension journey. This is the process every human goes through but in their own timing. It is important to honor and respect where each person is on their journey.

Awareness is key

Along the journey in the fourth dimension, people can get the concepts of unity and oneness intellectually but not necessarily embody them. This can create a lot of righteousness and judgment along the way. This judgment and righteousness can cause a lot of separation and denser polarity. As spiritually awake people it is our duty to increase awareness and allowance in ourselves and then walk the talk. It is important to speak in a way that the person in front of you understands. Speak their language so they can receive it from you. In today’s video, I go over a bit more about what this all means and how to communicate in a conscious way.

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