What’s Happening?

There is a lot of stuff happening on the planet that has us in a tizzy of questioning. Things are not adding up. Today I want to give you my perspective of why that is. If you are questioning it means you are waking up. If you are noticing that things are not adding up it is because there are several dimensional realities happening on planet earth.

Different Realities

First, there is the 3rd dimension. This is kind of like cops and robbers reality. There is a lot of cause and effect happening, good and bad and right and wrong. In the 3D reality, people are power hunger and looking for control. Love in this reality tends to be quite conditional. When you start to question the 3rd dimension reality that means you have had an expansion in consciousness. You are developing your witness body and now you can really see what is happening. I see this as the 4th dimension or dejection. In this vibrational reality, you are questioning everything, the rug has been pulled out from under you, and NOTHING makes sense. From here you are growing out of being manipulated by 3D world actions and reactions.

Saving the Day

However, many people tend to want to help and rescue everyone out of 3d realty. This is a very uncomfortable phase of awakening. All the efforts that are put forth, pulling people out of 3D is exhausting and don’t work. People do not awaken out of 3D until they are ready and feel the quickening.

What do I do?

My suggestion is to expand your consciousness to the next dimension as quickly as you can. The next dimension is the 5th dimension. This is where life becomes magical. It is where unity consciousness and oneness are embodied and unconditional love abides. When your frequency is in 5D, nothing makes sense and it is comical instead of worrisome. From this frequency, you actually can learn to intimately know your authentic self and from there take inspired action to REALLY be of service to the planet, not from fear and worry but from lightness and inspiration.

In the video are more pointers about living with all these questions and how to get into the 5D reality as soon as possible.

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