Unleash Your Voice By Knowing Your Birthday

unleash-your-voice-bdayAre you ready to Unleash your VOICE?

Are you frustrated with not having the volume or the courage to talk in front of peers, colleagues or clients? 

I recently had several women in my vocal empowerment workshop who were looking for more confidence with their voices.  As the day unfolded I began exploring some of the blocks that were surfacing in the room by asking them some questions. One of the questions was, ” What decade were you born in?”.   They looked at me curiously and told me the 50’s.   We explored deeper by looking at the role of women and the common points of view of women’s voices in the 1950’s.  It didn’t take long for them to have a huge A HA  moment!

Then the ladies started to remember all the slogans they grew up with especially, “Children should be seen not heard”.  I asked what was the role of a women’s voice in the 1950’s. They shook their heads, “there was no role” they said.  “You weren’t given a voice”.  My next question was, “Are you still holding that point of view and could that be something that is stifling your voice?”   It was a unanimous YES.

My question to you is, “What decade were you born in and what role did women or men play in that decade?”   While you take a look at what the collective perspectives were you may notice that you have some of those same perspectives creating tension and holding patterns in your body that could be effecting your ability to get your voice out with ease and confidence. Some of these perspectives may not be recognized on a conscious level but can be hiding in your subconscious.

How do you uncover the subconscious belief systems that are holding your voice back?  

How do you bring them up to a conscious level and unleash them?

 One of the things that has worked for me is very deep listening thru stillness and meditation. Also my yoga practice has informed me deeply of the subconscious things that are holding me back, as well as, Reiki and a process called Access Bars.  What ever approach you take be sure to be patient with yourself as once you begin the process of releasing old programming it can be like cleaning a turkey pan…. it can get pretty yucky before it gets clean….but it is worth it!

Unleashing your voice is a wonderful side effect of finding your true nature thru the process of letting go of old programming and old belief systems that were taken on by you to survive and fit in. They just are not needed any more!

Have fun, I’m so excited for you!

Rampage of Appreciation & the Art of Public Speaking

Rebecca ABraxas, Access Your VoiceWe have all been there.

Super excited about the presentation or performance we are going to do then the nerves and the self judgment come in and we contract and our minds start spinning out of control. 

What I have noticed over the years is that I can remedy this with a simple technique called “A rampage of appreciation”.

When you contract in fear, stress and anxiety you are hindering your bright light you have to share with others.

This process can help you release the stress and anxiety you have with getting in front of people and it can raise your vibration so you feel bright, on fire and on purpose with your speech and with your audience.

The rampage of appreciation is very simple to do. Just begin appreciating everything around you –  Everything about this speaking gig you have, everything wonderful and not wonderful in your life… Appreciate it.

You can do it in your head or write it down. Do it the night before your appearance and the morning of, maybe even on the way there.

This will help you calm your nerves and find a potent space to speak and give from. It will also prime your audience to receive you talk!

How does it get better then that!?

If you would like to follow my journey with the


I will be reviewing 22 processes from the book “Ask and It is Given” and how they can help you become a potent speaker who delivers content with confidence and ease.  Just subscribe below on YouTube!

#1 Tip to Speak or Sing Loud

#1 Tip To Speak & Sing with a Loud VolumeDid you ever wonder how to get your voice louder without feeling like you are straining or pushing?

So many years as a young girl people responded to me with, “Can you speak a little louder, I can’t hear you”

It was so uncomfortable trying to push out a louder voice while I felt my face get redder and redder and my heart pounding faster and faster.

Today I want to share with you the #1 tip to speak or sing loud  that I have used so people stop responding to me in this way.

It is a common thing to think we have to PUSH to get our voice out… but for any of you who have given birth, you know that if you push too hard or too soon it strains your body and some really unpleasant things can happen.

As I am writing this I am realizing that speaking or singing with a louder volume is pretty analogous to giving birth because if you let energy flow and expand to allow the baby though you give birth with ease. The same thing is true with the voice.

It is NOT A PUSH BUT AN EXPANSION  that will let your voice gain in volume.

Your whole head and body,  ALL OF IT, is a powerful resonating chamber.  When you explore expanding your awareness to sing from your whole body -expanding your breath and voice out to every cell of your body you have the opportunity to get louder.

In the practice of Yoga they teach you to breath more fully. A teacher will also guide you to take your breath to different parts of you body. This is true of your voice as well. Intend for your voice to go to all areas of your body.

To start, you may want to work with just your head. Expanding the breath and the voice through your whole mouth, throat, neck and cranial bones etc.. This leads to a  physical sensation of the throat expanding, especially the soft pallet – the soft spot behind the hard bony part of the roof of the mouth.  To physically expand the throat and back of the mouth you can imagine you are swallowing an orange. Give it a try.

It stretches your throat doesn’t it?

Now see if you can allow this physical expansion inform your intension for expanding energetically throughout the whole body, releasing any density from contracting in your body. This expanded state will allow you more volume. It is an exploration and a journey. Play with this and the more you do, the more you will notice it working.

Have fun Being Loud!!

Any questions? Happy to answer them in the comments





A Song a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A song a day

Forego the apple and insert a SONG!   A song a day keeps the Doctor away!

Singing has so many unsung benefits. On top of these it also can give you so much information about whether you are comfortable in your own skin and trust yourself!

When I was in my early 20s there were many low moments. It was at this time that I was beginning to play the guitar and sing a long to what I was playing. I didn’t put two and two together for a long time but when I did, I began to realize after singing I always felt better. I always felt more present and able to let go of my past story and I’ve noticed thru the years that even though I hadn’t been running or climbing a mountain for exercise, my aerobic ability was high. Now I know why

Singing Helps:

  • Induce the body to produce oxytocin which helps reduce stress
  • Improve your cardiac rhythm reducing risk of heart disease
  • Train the stomach muscle
  • Strengthens your immunity by increasing the concentration of immunoglobulin A
  • You breath deeply and evenly promoting proper breathing
  • Produce endorphins the “happy hormone”

If you are a closet singer, have you noticed some of these benefits?

Research is also showing these benefits show up even more with group singing.  Do you a some friends to sing with?

Its pretty cool seeing the biology of how singing can contribute. However I’ve also noticed thru the  past 20 years of being a singer / songwriter /performer that it also has been a great barometer for helping me build awareness of where I am holding myself back, what is negatively effecting me and  where my body could use some assistance in releasing tightness.

So as you sing your song a day with or without a group enjoy the great physical benefits and while you do, begin to notice what thoughts are arising, where do  you feel a bit of resistant in your body or mind and could you show up even more for the song.

In my experience it has been helpful to have a journal near by because a lot seems to unfold, unleash and release… write it down. It is is great information for transformation!

A song a day keeps the doctor away.  Happy Singing!


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