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Speak Out Loud from Your Heart to Your Voice

Speak Out Loud with passion from Your Heart to Your Voice.  Speaking your passion out loud is a birthright that sometimes we forget we have. What if speaking your passion was the contribution the world was waiting to receive? SOOOO, What is stopping you? We are all really good at having our points of view […]

Where is my MTV

Remember MTV? Anyone out there remember the awesome videos that got introduced to us in the 80s. OMG it brought a whole new way of listening to music. What were your favorite ones? Some of my favorites are “Girls just Wanna Have Fun” – Cindy Lauper , “Thriller” -Michael Jackson,  “Dancing in the dark” Bruce […]

What if Singing Could feel Like Flying?

Our voice is a multifaceted instrument. Like other wind instruments, the voice has an intricate body. However, unlike other wind instruments, the instrument of the voice has a brain with thoughts, a being with awareness and a body that responds to both these elements. To play the instrument of the voice with freedom it takes […]

Can Gratitude Open Your Voice?

Can gratitude open your voice?  In my experience the awareness to that question is a big fat YES!! In the book ” The Science of Getting Rich” it says, ” the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the Source from which all blessings come.” Have you ever noticed that to […]

Happy and Singing

I am in the process of beginning to write a book! Since the topic of the book is my journey to finding my voice, each time I reflect to write a page I am reminded of all that I have gone thru to get to today. I am also reminded that I have not always […]

Valentine’s Update

Hi !       Well a few weeks ago i  i had a show at a new place for me, “Jax Asian Grill” in Brighton. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the kind community. I’m happy to say they asked me to come back next month!       I have also […]

Whole Singing: take the time and make the room

Blog #5 WHOLE SINGING: Take the Time and Make the Room …as adults we need to give our attention to a side of ourselves that is mystical, cosmic and spiritual There are lots of ways to play as an adult.  Sometimes, it looks like child’s play.  For example, giving yourself permission to run thru the […]